HappyFares.in Review: Real or Fake Site?

In the realm of travel booking, HappyFares emerges as a travel agent rather than a direct booking service like MMT or Cleartrip.

As we delve into HappyFares.in review, we uncover both the positive aspects and potential drawbacks of this unconventional travel agent.

What is HappyFares.in?

HappyFares is not your conventional travel platform.

HappyFares operates as a travel agent, differentiating itself from direct booking services like MMT or Cleartrip.

happyfares review

Founded in 2019, it has been navigating the travel industry with a unique model that optimizes ticket purchases for its users.

It gives various cashback and discount offers upon booking tickets. It is operated from India.

According to Similar Web, approximately 10 lakh (1M) people visited the site as of October 2023.

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Website Profile

Product/ServicesTicket Booking Agent
Domain registration date15 November 2019
Contact[email protected] +91 76 700 700 70

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HappyFares Reviews

While HappyFares showcases a user-friendly web design mixed reviews highlight a disparity in customer satisfaction. Some praise its efficiency, while others express dissatisfaction with services, indicating areas for improvement. Here are some areas where it lacks:

  • HappyFares might not be ideal for those seeking immediate ticket confirmation, as they optimize purchases based on undisclosed criteria.
  • Users reported encounters with rude and unhelpful customer service representatives, impacting issue resolution.
  • Complaints surfaced regarding fare differences for rescheduling and deductions during cancellations, creating dissatisfaction among users.

Despite concerns, HappyFares is recognized as a legitimate travel agent. Instances of delayed ticket confirmations or customer service issues don’t necessarily deem the platform illegal.

Here are some positive aspects indicating legitimacy:

  • HappyFares boasts a user-friendly website design, showcasing a professional and organized platform.
  • With a reported traffic of 1 million users, HappyFares indicates popularity and user engagement.
  • The platform has positive testimonials, offering evidence of successful transactions and satisfied customers.
  • The platform operates openly as a travel agent.
  • Operating since 2019, HappyFares has established a presence in the travel industry, adding to its legitimacy.
  • Users have reported receiving tickets within 20 minutes, suggesting a timely and reliable ticket delivery system.

In conclusion, while HappyFares operates as a legal travel agent, the abundance of mixed reviews underscores the need for caution. Users are advised to weigh the positive aspects against the reported drawbacks and make informed decisions when navigating this unconventional yet legitimate travel platform.

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Is HappyFares a legitimate travel agent?

Yes, HappyFares has been recognized as a legitimate travel agent since 2019.

How Does HappyFares Work Differently?

Unlike traditional platforms, HappyFares optimizes ticket purchases by blocking and buying them together at a later time based on undisclosed criteria.

Who is the founder of HappyFares?

Specific details about the founder are not readily available.

Is HappyFares operated from India?

Yes, HappyFares is operated from India.

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