6400 Dollar Subsidy Real or Fake?

In this post, we will know whether the 6400 Dollar Subsidy Scheme from the American Government is real or fake. If it is legit, then how to claim this $6400 subsidy?

6400 Dollar Subsidy Scheme

This health benefit scheme has been spreading online through sponsored advertising that features celebrities and alleged beneficiaries, claiming to pay $6400 for groceries, rent, and gas.

6400 dollar subsidy registration interface

The website AmericanReliefNetwork.com shows that Americans Qualify For $6,400 in Credits To Pay For Groceries, Gas, and Rent. To claim the benefits, you will need to answer a few questions & call in about Health Subsidy Benefits.

The story of the $6,400 subsidy first surfaced in 2003. A Facebook video post that stated anyone might receive $6400 in their bank account went viral on March 13, 2003. The subsidy story went viral once more.

According to similarweb.com site has 1.9K visitor traffic monthly.

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Website Profile

Known asAmerican Relief Network
Services OfferedRelief Aids
Domain registration date23 April 2023
AddressNot known
Contact and
Not known

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6400 Dollar Subsidy Review

First of all, before clicking on any link or entering your contact details or email on this site, you should consider the following things:

  • There is no link found between Americanreliefnetwork.com and the US government at all.
  • Such a large amount of subsidy has never been announced by any health agency.
  • Commonly, users never receive the promised money after registering.
  • The website pretends to be government employees.
  • This site is not a dot (.) gov site.

There is no link between the site and the US government for such a scheme. Why would the US government issue a subsidy or scheme through this website?

americanriliefnetwork.com disclaimer

This website also says that if you register by filling out this form, you will receive emails, calls, and other promotional and health schemes.

The United States population was 334,233,854 so the US government will never publicly announce a scheme of such a huge amount because it is already in national debt.

Such websites are made to trap people, don’t fill in your contact details, bank account details or email you might be subjected to a scam. Please stay away from this website.

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Who is the founder of Americanreliefnetwork.com?

There is no information available about the founder of americanreliefnetwork.com.

Where is americanreliefnetwork.com located?

The current location is not available.

Is americanreliefnetwork.com real or fake?

Yes, it is fake.

Should I register at americanreliefnetwork.com?

We do not recommend registering any scheme on Americanreliefnetwork.com because it is a fake site.

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