Yuyuproxy.com Review: Real or Fake?

In this post, we’ll delve into Yuyuproxy.com, a web proxy service.

Proxy servers like Yuyuproxy act as intermediaries, safeguarding private networks from cyber threats by serving as gateways between users and the internet.

What is Yuyuproxy.com?

Proxy websites, like Yuyuproxy.com, are utilized to enhance online security by preventing cyber attackers from accessing private networks.

They serve as intermediaries, safeguarding user connections to web pages.

Proxy websites can also be employed to bypass geographical restrictions, enhance privacy, and access blocked content.

Yuyuproxy.com is a recently created web proxy service, allows users to browse websites for free.

It seems like a Japanese website. It has a banner of Lollipop, a Japanese WordPress web hosting platform, on its front home page.

Yuyuproxy.com has a valid SSL certificate, ensuring a secure connection for users.

Yuyuproxy.com’s server is situated in Tokyo, Japan.

According to Similar Web, approximately 63.3K people visited the site as of October 2023.

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Yuyuproxy.com Profile

Product/ServicesWeb Proxy Service
Domain registration date29 October 2022
Address26-1 Sakuragaoka-cho Cerulean Tower 11F Shibuya-ku Tokyo
[email protected]  

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Yuyuproxy.com Reviews

Here are some negative aspects of this website that question its legitimacy.

  • Yuyuproxy.com was established in October 2022, raising concerns about its infancy and potential risks.
  • The website is flagged by security engines for deceptive activity, indicating potential dangers.
  • Yuyuproxy.com has low user traffic, suggesting limited popularity and trust.
  • In contrast to its claim, it is very slow in operation.
  • Considering its recent creation, blacklisting, and limited popularity, Yuyuproxy.com appears risky.
  • Despite claims, Yuyuproxy.com exhibits sluggish performance, causing prolonged buffering times.

Users also reported encountering content in different languages instead of English, adding to their dissatisfaction with its operational efficiency. It falls short of the promised seamless and speedy browsing experience.

Users are advised to exercise caution when using recently created proxy services. Opting for well-established and trusted alternatives is recommended for a safer online experience.

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Is Yuyuproxy.com safe?

Yuyuproxy.com is deemed risky due to its recent creation, blacklisting, and low popularity.

What is a proxy website?

Proxy websites enhance online security by acting as intermediaries between users and the internet, preventing cyber threats.

When was YuyuProxy.com created?

Yuyuproxy.com’s domain was registered on October 29, 2022.

Is Yuyuproxy.com currently accessible?

As of November 27, 2023, Yuyuproxy.com was accessible.

Where is Yuyuproxy.com operating from?

Yuyuproxy.com operates from Tokyo, Japan.

Is Yuyuproxy.com blacklisted?

Yes, one or more security engines have blacklisted Yuyuproxy.com due to deceptive activity.

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