Million Quiz App Real Or Fake? Honest Review

The Million Quiz App pays you money for answering simple questions on their application. Currently, the Million Quiz App is only available for Android.

In this post, we will review the Million Quiz App and let you know whether it is legit or a scam.

What is a Million Quiz App?

Million Quiz App lets you earn money by answering simple questions about India.

It is a free quiz game, in which you have to answer the questions to win rewards.

Million Quiz App interface

According to the game, players can receive rewards upon completing set tasks and reaching minimum payout thresholds. The minimum payout limit is Rs 5K.

As per the Google Play Store, thewhale111 is the developer of the app and its have more than 5 million downloads.

There is no proof of ownership of the developer of the Million Quiz App.

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Application Profile

App Million Quiz App 
Known as Million Quiz
Services Offered Quiz Game
Last UpdatedOct 26, 2023
DownloadOver 5 Million
Email [email protected]

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Million Quiz App Review

After thoroughly researching we found some thinkable facts. Here are the points below

  • The app is in development
  • The withdrawal limit is very high
  • App auto processes everything
  • The app delays the withdrawal
  • No guarantee of withdrawal after the request
  • Created for advertisement revenue

The website seems very suspicious because it requires no OTP for registration. Moreover, the app processes things automatically which raises concerns. When you click on rewards the link drops you on Google Play Store to download the next game.

Million Quiz payment proof

The app shows lots of ads in between the game and blocks the go-back button automatically.

There are negative reviews on the internet complaining about unprocessed withdrawals. There is no guarantee that the withdrawal will be approved after completing the tasks.

Apps that do not require user registration are often not legitimate. We don’t recommend using such types of apps for earning.

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Who is the founder of the Million Quiz App?

There is no information available about the founder of the Million Quiz App.

Where is the Million Quiz App located?

There is no information available about the location.

Is the Million Quiz App real or fake?

Million Quiz App is a fake app with no regulations.

Should I join the Million Quiz App?

We do not recommend using it.

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