Xtancia Technosoft Real or Fake? Honest Review

In this post, we will shed light on Xtancia Technosoft (Opc) Private Limited.

Claiming to offer job opportunities to freshmen, this company has raised concerns about its legitimacy.

Xtancia Technosoft Job Scam

Xtancia Technosoft presents itself as a job provider, particularly for freshmen, promising lucrative opportunities in customer service and data entry roles.

Xtancia Technosoft real or fake

Please note that Xtancia Technosoft Private Limited is an MCA-registered company from Tamilnadu, but this job scammer falsely uses the name of this company.

Xtancia Technosoft operates by posting jobs on social media platforms like LinkedIn and other job portals, with no accessible company website.

Also, the profile of its employees on LinkedIn is not accessible.

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Xtancia Technosoft Review

Xtancia Technosoft appears to be a dubious company, exploiting individuals by collecting deposits without delivering promised services. Here are some negative aspects that question the legitimacy of this company.

  • Pretending to be Xtancia Technosoft to fool candidates.
  • Xtancia Technosoft demands payment of INR 4,000 under the guise of providing training for promised positions.
  • People have reported not receiving the training they were assured of and being misled about potential earnings of INR 15,000 per month.
  • The company lacks essential transparency elements, such as a website.
  • The absence of financial statements adds to the concerns.
  • Xtancia Technosoft is criticized for operating as a scam.
  • While the company details mention Tamil Nadu as the location, its job postings indicate Bengaluru.
  • The absence of essential company details and transparency raises significant doubts.

Potential job seekers are strongly cautioned to thoroughly research and verify any claims made by Xtancia Technosoft before engaging with them.

Exercise extreme caution, especially when asked for upfront payments or personal details, and consider seeking opportunities from more established and transparent sources to avoid falling victim to potential scams.

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Is Xtancia Technosoft legal?

Xtancia Technosoft’s legitimacy is questionable, given reports of deceptive practices and a lack of transparency.

What does Xtancia Technosoft claim to offer?

Xtancia Technosoft claims to provide job opportunities, especially for freshers, in customer service and data entry roles.

How does the company operate?

Xtancia Technosoft operates by posting jobs on social media platforms like LinkedIn and other job portals.

Are the job offers genuine?

Based on reported experiences, job offers from Xtancia Technosoft are questionable.

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