Ram Mandir Free Prasad Real or Fake?

The Ram Mandir consecration ceremony has sparked widespread interest, accompanied by a surge in scams and false claims surrounding the distribution of free prasad.

In this post, we delve into the recent developments surrounding the claims of free prasad distribution related to the Ram Mandir consecration ceremony.

What is Ram Mandir Free Prasad?

As the consecration ceremony approaches, various scams have emerged, especially on social media, claiming to offer free prasad in connection with the Ram Mandir event.

False claims of commoners receiving invitations and promises of free prasad are surfacing, capitalizing on the anticipation surrounding the upcoming Pran Pratishtha ceremony on January 22.

There have been intriguing developments surrounding the claims of free prasad. Notably, as of January 14, orders for the alleged 51rs prasad have ceased, and attempts to join associated WhatsApp groups face encountering difficulties. A popular scam website for such claims is Khadiorganic.com.

Amidst mixed reviews on social media, reports were being made that Prasad was sold for 101rs with the option of Cash on Delivery (COD).

The promised delivery of Prasad was set for 10 days after the end of January. Adding to the intrigue, the promoters had engaged in paid marketing through social media reels and blog posts.

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Ram Mandir Free Prasad Review

These red flags collectively underscore the ambiguity and potential risks associated with the claims of distributing free prasad in the context of the Ram Mandir consecration ceremony.

  • Abrupt stopping of orders for the 51rs prasad without clear communication raises concerns about the legitimacy of the offering.
  • Difficulty in joining WhatsApp groups associated with these claims adds a layer of uncertainty.
  • Discrepancies in reports regarding prasad now being offered at 101rs with COD create confusion.
  • Varied and conflicting reviews on social media platforms make it challenging to establish the authenticity of the claims.
  • The promise of prasad delivery set for 10 days after the end of January appears unrealistic.
  • Delhi HC has banned this site for illegally selling Ram Mandir Prasad.

It’s crucial to recognize that the affairs of the Ram Mandir are meticulously managed by the Ram Temple Construction Committee, and supported by the Indian government.

No private individuals have been authorized to distribute prasad.

Amidst the genuine invitations to celebrities, there was a huge tide of deceptive scams circulating on platforms like WhatsApp, Facebook, and Instagram, that took advantage of the Lord Rama’s believers’ trust and innocence.

It is always essential to exercise caution and verify any such claims.

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Are claims of receiving invitations or free prasad genuine? 

Many of these claims are false, especially those circulating on social media. Genuine invitations are typically extended to specific individuals and celebrities.

When is the Pran Pratishtha ceremony scheduled?

The Pran Pratishtha ceremony is scheduled for January 22, with various rituals commencing from January 16.

Why have orders for the 51rs prasad seemingly stopped?

As of January 14, there is a reported halt in orders for the 51rs prasad due to excessive demand.

Is prasad now being offered at 101rs with COD?

There was claims suggesting that prasad was available at 101rs with the option of Cash on Delivery, but it is turned to be a total scam.

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