Review: Real or Fake Site? is a purported AI bot service, we aim to scrutinize its features, claims, and legitimacy.

This review dissects the platform to unveil whether is a real player or another addition to the realm of dubious websites.

What is presents itself as an AI bot, boasting functionalities akin to those of its counterparts.

It asserts the ability to execute 10 calls and 10 messages in one second and boldly claims to hack any account or phone., also publicized as a 10x Remix Bom service provider, claims to be a non-stop bomber for calling and messaging.

It also asks users to join multiple Telegram channels to use their bot services.

However, its website is currently inaccessible via the provided link, displaying a “Bandwidth Limit Exceeded” error. The website can be found at exhibits an alarmingly low viewership, as evidenced by the absence of data on SimilarWeb.

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Website Profile

Known as Liunex Bom
Services offered AI bot
Domain registration date 7 January 2024
Address Not available
Contact Email Not provided

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The evaluation of unravels a series of red flags, indicating potential risks associated with this platform.

  • is notably absent from mainstream social networks, reducing its digital footprint and raising concerns about its credibility.
  • A lack of user visits hints at the website’s obscurity, fostering skepticism about its popularity and trustworthiness.
  • The recent registration on suggests a young domain, a factor often associated with potentially unreliable websites.
  • Encountering several negative reviews online adds to the skepticism, indicating potential dissatisfaction among users.
  • The absence of dedicated customer support and user feedback mechanisms further raises questions about the platform’s reliability.
  • Reports of slow website functionality contribute to concerns about the site’s efficiency and professionalism.
  • The site’s inaccessibility via website link due to bandwidth limit issues adds another layer of doubt regarding its operational status.’s credibility faces significant challenges, marked by red flags like limited online presence, negative reviews, and technical issues.

The lack of transparency and the site’s unavailability via the provided link amplify doubts about its legitimacy. Caution is advised, and users are urged to exercise discretion.

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Who is the owner of

No information is available about the founder of

Where is located?

The location status is unknown.

Is real or fake? is considered a fake website.

Should I take services from

It is recommended to exercise caution and refrain from using the services of

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