Khadi Organic Ram Mandir Prasad Real or Fake?

In this post, we delve into the Khadi Organic Ram Mandir Prasad Site, notably

This platform asserted its commitment to offering free prasad, particularly in honor of the forthcoming consecration ceremony at the Ram temple in Ayodhya on January 22, 2024.

What is

Khadi Organic, represented by its website, stood as a platform that claimed to sell religious products that are devoted to the Hindu God Shri Ram.

Recently, it came to fame for providing free Ram Mandir Prasad to mark the forthcoming significant occasion of the Ram temple consecration.

The site claimed to facilitate the distribution of Ram Temple Prasad directly to individuals’ homes, allowing them to partake in ceremonial events from a distance.

It claimed to provide services related to the Pran Pratistha ceremony in Ayodhya.

It claimed that users can order free prasad by filling in their name and address and paying a delivery charge of Rs 51 (or $11 for foreign residents).

It also sells various products like religious-print T-shirts, cotton towels, flags, wooden crafts, and silver coins at different rates.

The website does not have much traffic or visitors, resulting in no data available on SimilarWeb.

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Website Profile
NameKhadi Organic
Product/ServicesFree Ram Mandir Prasad (Limited Time Offer), Religious-Print T-Shirts, Cotton Towels, Flags, Wooden Crafts, And Silver Coins
Domain registration date23 December 2021
AddressNoida,Uttar Pradesh, INDIA, 201301
Contact0120 445 7415 [email protected] [email protected]

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There are some concerns arising from the recent offering of Khadi Organic Ram Mandir Prasad Site, questioning its reliability:

  • Khadi Organic Ram Mandir Prasad is a newly emerged.
  • Limited customer reviews are available, potentially due to the nature of the limited-time offer.
  • Delhi HC has banned this site for illegally selling Ram Mandir Prasad.

While Khadi Organic is a scam. Hence, skepticism arises regarding its focus and the free Prasad delivery to homes.

The website only used the name of Ram Mandir Prasad to garner attention.

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How can one order free prasad from Khadi Organic?

Click on “Free Prasad,” fill in your name and address, and pay the Rs 51 (or $11 for foreign residents) delivery charge. But the offer has already been closed.

Are the claims of Ashish Singh as the founder verified?

No, Ashish Singh is not identified as the founder.

What other products does Khadi Organic sell?

The platform offers various products, including religious print T-shirts, cotton towels, flags, wooden crafts, and silver coins, at different rates. is real or fake? is a illegitimate website, as per our investigation.

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  1. I am Veena Poonacha. I paid Rs. 1250 on Ease Buzz (Ref. No. E240107JMBAA85) on 7 Jan 2024 for free prasad and silver coin, commemorating the Ram Mandir in Ayodhya. I am yet to receive the coin or the free prasad. Please ensure that I receive the promised item


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