Olam App Review: Real Or Fake?

Oamfuture.com is a farm investment platform that does agricultural business operations and operates for financial gain.

In this review post, we will discuss the pros and cons of investing in Oamfuture.com. Help you make an informed decision and determine its legitimacy as an investment opportunity.

What is Olam App?

Oamfuture.com is a company that specializes in agricultural business operations. They offer fresh organic produce and sustainable farming solutions.

Oamfuture.com home page

The company’s integrated business is the cultivation, processing, and distribution of agricultural products. In addition to these businesses, the company produces, sells, and manufactures organic fertilizers and dairy products.

Joshua Van Buren is the CEO of the company, overseeing all operations and leading the company’s growth and expansion strategies.

Users can get Rs 110 and other daily benefits from the website’s new member benefits program.

As per the Whois.com registry, the company’s domain name was registered on June 24, 2023.

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Farm Investment Plan

The minimum recharge amount required for consumers is Rs 600, and the highest recharge amount is Rs 50000. Products like farming tractors, drones, tiny tractors, etc., are available for purchase.

Oamfuture.com Investment plan and benefits

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Website Profile

Website Oamfuture.com
Known as OLEM or Olam App
Services offered Farming Investment
Domain registration date 24 June 2023
Contact Email [email protected]

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Oamfuture.com Review

As per the investigation of this company, we found several red flags and potential fraudulent activities that raise concerns about the legitimacy of the site.

Please read the below information carefully before making any transactions or providing personal information.

  • There is no official contact or support available for this company.
  • Lucrative offers and promises of high returns.
  • A fake address is listed on the website.
  • Recently created site with no reputation or past.
  • Bad user reviews on the internet
  • Fake certificates of registration and no evidence of any legitimate business operations.

The information provided above raises many red flags and indicates a high likelihood of being a scam. The site has provided no contact details or any means of customer support.

This lack of transparency further reinforces the suspicion that the site is not legitimate and should be approached with caution. A recently created site with a limited online presence and no reviews or testimonials only adds to the suspicion.

Lucrative offers and promises of high returns are often used to lure unsuspecting individuals into fraudulent schemes. It is important to thoroughly research and verify the credibility of a website before engaging in any financial transactions.

The address provided on-site, which we verified as a motor car address instead of a legitimate business address, raises further concerns about the site’s credibility. Therefore, it is strongly advised to avoid engaging with this website.

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Who established Oamfuture.com? 

Joshua Van Buren is the founder of Oamfuture.com.

Oamfuture.com is located where?

The location is wrong and misleading.

Oamfuture.com is legit or a scam?

As per our investigation, we will mark it as a scam.

Should I use Oamfuture.com services?

We advise against utilizing it.

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