Evgo Earning App Review: Real or Fake?

In this post, we’ll delve into the legitimacy of the online earning app and website named Evgo Earning App.

This comprehensive review aims to provide insights into the Evgo Earning App, enabling users to make informed decisions about engaging with the platform. Explore its claims, services, and potential risks associated with investing in this platform.

What is the Evgo Earning App?

Evgo App presents itself as an investment platform promising substantial returns.

Users are encouraged to invest in different products like electric vehicle chargers and smart chips, to earn daily returns and even build teams for additional earnings through referrals.

The app is available on the Google Play Store under the name “EVGO Earn Money.”

The app requires a minimum investment or recharge of ₹680. Daily returns of ₹37 can be earned for 35 days. The maximum investment is ₹2,350.

You can recharge using UPI, USDT and bank. On recharging with USDT, you can get a 2% bonus.

According to SimilarWeb, the Earning App attracts approximately 62 thousand (62.1K) visitors every month as of November 2023.

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Website Profile

NameEvgo Earning App
Product/ServicesInvestment, Refer and Earn, Electric Vehicle Chargers and Chips.
Domain registration date05 August 2023
AddressNot Available
Contact+91 93720 29599

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Evgo Earning App Review

Despite its popularity, concerns arise regarding the app’s legitimacy. Users report difficulties in retrieving their invested money, and the app’s products, like chips and electric chargers, appear dubious.

The investment model, requiring users to invest before earning, raises red flags, which are as follows:

  • Numerous users’ express dissatisfaction, reporting challenges in retrieving their funds.
  • Requiring an upfront investment with delayed returns poses a risk.
  • Evgo’s products, such as electric vehicle chargers, seem questionable and may not be genuine.
  • Customer service is accessible through WhatsApp and Telegram. But these are not reliable.
  • The absence of proper customer support channels raises concerns about addressing user issues.
  • Legitimate companies usually have active social media handles, which Evgo lacks, impacting its credibility.
  • The absence of reliable contact information further contributes to the platform’s dubious nature.

Given the array of red flags, including poor reviews, mandatory investments, dubious products, and the absence of proper support and contact details, it is advisable to approach Evgo with caution.

The legitimacy of its claims appears questionable, and users should exercise prudence before considering investments.

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Is the Evgo Earning App trustworthy for investments?

The Evgo Earning App’s legitimacy is doubtful.

Are Evgo Earning App’s products genuine?

Products like electric vehicle chargers and chips raise doubts.

Can I recharge using USDT for all plans?

Yes, Evgo Earning App claims you can recharge using USDT, and you’ll receive a 2% bonus.

What is the minimum investment amount?

The minimum investment amount is ₹680.

Is there a maximum investment limit?

Yes, the maximum investment limit is ₹10,880.

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