Review: Real or Fake Site? lets you earn money only by watching ads on their platform.

In this review post, we will discuss what it is, how it works, and whether it is legit or a scam.

What us

The site is about earning money online just by clicking on ads and spending a few minutes watching them. review real or fake

By watching the ads, you will get 100.00 BDT.

The website also has a referral program that allows users to earn additional income by referring others to join the platform.

The site has VIP membership plans up to seven levels, and each level offers different benefits and bonuses.

You must have sufficient balance in your profile account to upgrade to a higher membership level to access all the additional perks and privileges.

NFC50.comm Membership Plan

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Website Profile

Known as NFC50
Services offered Watch and Earn
Domain registration date 23 October 2023
Contact Email 

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As per our thorough research, the website appears not to be legitimate and is not functioning properly. Please read the below warning signs before considering joining the program.

  • Recently created site with limited information or history
  • Suspicious domain name
  • Poor website design
  • Lack of contact information
  • Negative evaluations from reliable analysts
  • Earning potential may be exaggerated or unrealistic

After reading the above signs, we concluded that it is not advisable to join the program. Recently created site with little to no online presence.

Poor website design shows a lack of professionalism and attention to detail. The site has closed the door to contact with potential customers and lacks transparency.

There are negative user reviews and feedback regarding the site’s products or services. The site has not properly disclosed the earning percentage or any other financial information.

Despite having some valid certificates, its lack of transparency raises concerns about its credibility and reliability.

Overall, the site’s credibility and trustworthiness are in question. The lack of transparency raises doubts about the site’s legitimacy and integrity. Please stay away from this site.

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Who established 

No information is available about the founder. is located where? 

The location is Bangladesh. is legit or a scam?

It is doubtful and approached with caution.

Should I use services?

We advise against utilizing it however use it at your own risk.

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