Review: Real or Fake Site? claims to be on a mission to educate people about the harsh reality of the water we drink every day.

What are their bullet objectives, mission, and features and it is reliable to trust on resources, they are providing to us? Eventually, whether is real or fake.

What is the

Oasis is a project started to help find a healthier, cleaner source of water. They collect all the hard-to-find scientific data surrounding water, brands, and filters and put it into one searchable website Review Real or Fake

Its objective and mission are to centralize all necessary data, making it easy for individuals to make informed choices about their drinking water and beyond.

The platform has been established recently and has a registration date of 06 March 2024 as per WHOIS. The website has average web traffic of 20.5K monthly visitors as of March 2024 to the site according to

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Website Profile
NameLive Oasis
Registration Date06 March 2024
Product/ServicesWater Research
Contact[email protected]

Read: Review Real or Fake?

After an investigation of the profile, we found both green and red flags. Let’s have a deeper look at what we found:

  • Navigation and Design: The website is easy to use and has an appealing design style.
  • Help and Documentation: The website is well documented and a user guide is available. Customer support is available via email to address common questions.
  • Error Prevention: We detected good error messages when while the user signs up it shows an error about the wrong credentials.
  • Online Presence: Along the way of investigation, we have discovered social media accounts with average engagement and user base and average monthly visitors to the website.

In conclusion, we think that they are doing good for humanity by revealing water quality around the world.

It helps people to choose the right water for themselves.

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