Gocodes.in Review: Real or Fake Site?

In this post, we will review Gocodes.in, a website that purportedly offers redeem codes.

However, upon investigation, it seems to lead users to a Telegram channel that may not provide authentic codes.

What is Gocodes.in?

Gocodes.in is a website that promises redeem codes but actually redirects users to a Telegram channel called Earn Redeem Code(@CodesAibot).


This channel requires users to join six other channels but does not deliver genuine codes.

After following these channels, users are asked to click on “generate code” to obtain a redeem code.

The redeem code is supposed to add Rs 30 to the user’s Google Play account but ultimately results in an error, indicating that the process is fake.

It exhibits minimal visitor traffic, with no data available on similar websites.

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Website Profile

Product/ServicesRedeem Codes for Google Play
Domain registration date5 April 2024

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Gocodes.in Review

Here are some of the concerns about this platform:

  • False Claims: The website promises redeem codes but does not deliver on this promise.
  • Misleading Tactics: Users are required to join multiple Telegram channels, which seems like a tactic to increase channel membership rather than providing actual benefits.
  • Lack of Transparency: There is no clear information about the website’s owners or the purpose behind the redirect to the Telegram channel.

Gocodes.in appears to be a misleading website that does not fulfill its promise of providing redeem codes. Users should exercise caution when encountering similar websites and verify the authenticity of offers before engaging with them.

It’s important to be wary of websites that offer rewards or benefits in exchange for joining channels or performing other actions, as they may be attempts to gather user information or engage in fraudulent activities.

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