4Life Products Price List 2023 PDF Download

In this post, we are going to share the 4life India product price list. 4life is registered as ForLife Trading India Pvt Ltd in India and one among the legal direct selling company.

4Life MLM Company is worldwide popular for its transfer factor products.

You can view and even download 4life India product price list PDF, officially launched on their website.

4Life Products

4life came to India around 2013 and always claims to improve immunity by 437%. 4life says they started manufacturing transfer factor products in 1998 and now reached across 40 countries in the world.

For those who don’t know what is transfer factor, “Transfer factors are essentially small immune messenger molecules that are produced by all higher organisms“. By changing their production we can get better control over the immune system.


LP in 4Life stands for Life Point used to calculate different incomes.

4Life Products Price List

Sales Tools4Life Flipchart (1 Nos / Single pc)Rs335.00(0 LP)
Other ProductsPersonal EssentialsRs24,038.00(200 LP)
Other ProductsComplete Essentials – IndiaRs46,814.00(400 LP)
Other ProductsProfessional EssentialsRs89,636.00(800 LP)
Digest4Life®Pre/O BioticsRs3,295.00(30 LP)
4Life Product PacksShweka ToothpasteRs1,728.00(15 LP)
General Health & WellnessVitamin & Mineral ComplexRs1,124.00(12 LP)
General Health & WellnessEssential Fatty Acid ComplexRs1,999.00(16 LP)
Personal CareShweka ToothpasteRs1,728.00(15 LP)
Personal CareWinter OfferRs6,580.00(16 LP)
Personal Careenummi bath & bodyRs1,645.00(8 LP)
Personal CareShweka ToothpasteRs320.00(3 LP)
NutraShakeNutra Shake VanillaRs1,676.00(20 LP)
4LifeTransformTF RenuvoRs3,224.00(40 LP)
Targeted Transfer Factor®Transfer Factor LungRs3,042.00(31 LP)
Targeted Transfer Factor®Belle VieRs3,060.00(40 LP)
Targeted Transfer Factor®GluCoachRs3,531.00(46 LP)
Targeted Transfer Factor®CardioRs3,531.00(46 LP)
Targeted Transfer Factor®TF ReCallRs4,232.00(40 LP)
Targeted Transfer Factor®4Life Transfer Factor Vista®Rs3,623.00(38 LP)
Targeted Transfer Factor®Transfer Factor CollagenRs2,686.00(25 LP)
Transfer Factor Core ProductsTF PlusRs3,880.00(50 LP)
Transfer Factor Core ProductsTransfer Factor Tri-FactorRs2,598.00(35 LP)
Transfer Factor Core ProductsRioVidaRs2,486.00(25 LP)
Transfer Factor Core ProductsTF Plus Blister Pack (90 Cap)Rs3,880.00(50 LP)

Download 4Life Product Price List PDF

You can download 4Life India Product Price List PDF, which is officially launched by 4Life on their website (india.4life.com).

The PDF contains an overview of all products which 4Life has in India. The list has:

Just click on the below button to download 4Life India Product Price List PDF.

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