Review: Real or Fake Site?

In this post, we will review, a platform that offers affiliate marketing courses and products.

We will discuss its claims, purpose, products, plans, founders, features, and the traffic on its website to provide insights for potential users and affiliates.

What is is an online platform operated by Shiva Enterprises, offering courses and products related to affiliate marketing.

Shiva Enterprises is a partnership firm registered with GST and has all the essential documents required to run the firm.

With various packages available, ChalDigital offers courses in affiliate marketing and crypto investment, although specific details about these courses are not readily available on the website.

They claim to help individuals learn and earn through their referral program.

While the website may currently be in a development phase, considering its low traffic and limited information available.

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Plans and Packages

These packages include the Demo Package, Lite Package, Basic Package, Advanced Package, and Professional Package, each priced differently and offering lifetime access.

Demo Package$598.00/Lifetime
Lite Package$999.00/Lifetime
Basic Package$2360.00/Lifetime
Advanced Package$4130.00/Lifetime
Professional Package$8260.00/Lifetime

Founders and Features

Rihaan Chouhan is the founder of

The platform is led by Divyanjali Chaudhary, the HOD of the Support Team, along with Yogesh Kumar, the Crypto Expert, and Priya Mehta, the Technical Support. claims simple payouts, instant payouts, and lifetime commissions for its affiliates, with over 5,000 affiliates currently using the platform to make money.

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Website Profile
NameChal Digital
Product/ServicesAffiliate Marketing and Course Selling
Domain registration date6 April 2022
Contact[email protected]
+91 8700818044

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While may have average safety scores and appear safe, but the website is not fully developed, with many tabs not functioning correctly and might be lacking in certain areas.

Reviews on the website may also not be genuine, indicating that the platform is still in its early stages of development.

However, users can find many videos and reels about on YouTube, suggesting some level of online presence and marketing efforts.

Here are some positive aspects of this website:

  • Registered partnership firm with GST and essential documents.
  • Courses on affiliate marketing and crypto investment may be valuable for beginners.
  • Lifetime access to courses with various pricing options.
  • Average safety score, rated by different algorithm-based websites.
  • Presence on social media links.

Let’s look at the negatives now:

  • The website is not fully developed, and many tabs are not functioning correctly.
  • Reviews may not be genuine, suggesting a lack of credibility.
  • Limited information is available about the courses and products offered.
  • Relatively low website traffic, indicating a lack of popularity or engagement., despite being a relatively new platform, offers courses and products related to affiliate marketing and crypto investment.

While there are some red flags, such as the website’s development status and the limited information available.

The platform’s registration as a partnership firm and the presence of experienced instructors are positive indicators.

Users interested in learning about affiliate marketing and crypto investment should conduct their own research and due diligence before investing in ChalDigital’s courses or products.

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