Review: Real or Fake Site? claims to reward users for watching ads and referring others.

In this post, we’re reviewing the site. Find out if it’s a real money earner or just another online fraud. Is it a trustworthy platform?

What is presents itself as an online platform where users can allegedly earn money by watching ads and inviting others to join the site.

The site claims to compensate users for engaging with advertisements, either through views or clicks, offering a monetary reward for these interactions. Services

They claim to pay you $5 for each signup that comes from your referrals when you share your exclusive referral link with your friends, family, and followers. Additionally, it takes a lot of time to invest in order to make a tiny profit.

According to its website, its headquarters is in California.

Despite the seemingly straightforward process, the platform’s authenticity raises doubts.

According to SimilarWeb, has approximately 91K visitors on a monthly basis, as of October 2023.

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Website Profile
Product/ServicesAdvertisement Watching and Refer and Earn
Domain registration date1 May, 2022
Contact[email protected]

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Upon examining and its user experiences, several negative aspects become apparent:

  • There is no information about the website’s founders and developers.
  • The site offers meager compensation for ad views, demanding a substantial time investment for minimal returns.
  • Numerous users have reported difficulties withdrawing earnings, indicating potential issues with the platform’s functionality.
  • It’s privacy policies and terms of service are unclear.
  • Lack of licensing or certifications.
  • You must spend a lot of time to reach the minimal threshold on this website, which pays relatively little for watching advertisements. 
  • Customer service is lacking in quality.

In conclusion, raises significant concerns due to its founder’s anonymity, reported withdrawal difficulties, and minimal payouts.

These red flags strongly suggest caution and question the authenticity of the platform. Users should exercise prudence before investing time and trust in

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Is the site legitimate?

No, given the lack of transparency, withdrawal problems, and minimal payouts, appears dubious.

Who is the founder of

Information about the founder is absent, contributing to the platform’s questionable nature.

Is recommended for online earnings? is not recommended for serious online income pursuits.

How does claim to reward users? asserts earnings through ad-watching and inviting friends to the platform.

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