GlowRoad Review: Real or Fake App?

In recent years, the concept of reselling products online has gained significant popularity as an attractive source of income. GlowRoad, has emerged as a platform that claims to make working from home profitable and easy.

But the real question is, does GlowRoad live up to its promises, or are the concerns about its legitimacy valid?

Let us understand it with this GlowRoad Review.

What is GlowRoad?

GlowRoad is a reselling app that empowers individuals to start their own online reselling businesses with ease.

GlowRoad Founders
Dr. Sonal, Kunal, Nitesh, Shekha & Nilesh (Founders of GlowRoad)

It offers reselling of a wide range of products across various categories, including electronics, fashion, jewelry, kids’ items, home and kitchen products, beauty, and health items.

Resellers promote these chosen products on social media platforms, WhatsApp, or other means to attract potential customers.

GlowRoad Investment

Resellers earn money by selling products and making a profit on each sale. Resellers can set their own profit margins on the products.

Resellers can transfer the earnings in their GlowRoad wallet to their bank accounts.

According to SimilarWeb, attracts approximately 360K visitors on a monthly basis.

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How GlowRoad Works?

GlowRoad handles the product’s delivery to the customer’s doorstep and collects the payment.

GlowRoad also offers incentives, coupons, and promotions to boost resellers’ earnings, creating an attractive opportunity for individuals to earn money from home without investing heavily in inventory or resources.

GlowRoad also offers a “Refer and Earn” program, where you earn ₹1 for every signup, and your earnings can be withdrawn via Paytm. With 100 product sales per month, you could earn around ₹20,000.

As reported by The Economic Times, Amazon has successfully acquired GlowRoad in an all-cash transaction. The GlowRoad team is set to become a part of Amazon while maintaining its status as an independent operating unit, at least for the time being.

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Website Profile
Product/ServicesReselling, Refer and Earn
Domain registration date07 February, 2017
AddressGlowRoad (Sociofy Enterprise Pvt. Ltd.) Evoma, #88, Borewell Road, Opposite Whitefield Post Office, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560066
Contact[email protected]

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GlowRoad Review

glowroad real or fake

GlowRoad has certainly made an impact among those who have been successful with their reselling efforts. Users have reported various advantages, including:

  • GlowRoad doesn’t require you to invest in stocking inventory.
  • It is recently acquired by e-commerce giant Amazon.
  • GlowRoad offers products at wholesale rates.
  • The platform allows users to work at their own pace and convenience.
  • GlowRoad provides coupons and incentives too.
  • There are many positive reviews about GlowRoad available on the internet.  
  • It offers essential information, including details about the founder, contact information, and policies.

GlowRoad, if used wisely, could potentially provide you with an opportunity to earn from home.

Please note that while GlowRoad can be a promising platform, individual experiences may vary, and success depends on various factors, including your dedication and marketing strategies.

Always exercise due diligence and be cautious when investing your time and effort in any business endeavor.

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Who is the founder of GlowRoad?

Dr. Sonal, along with co-founders Kunal, Nitesh, Shekhar, and Nilesh, is the founder of GlowRoad.

GlowRoad is Real or Fake?

Yes, GlowRoad is a legit app and own my Amazon.

Is there an Initial investment or sign-up fee?

No, there is no sign-up fee or initial investment required to join GlowRoad.

Can I customize my online store on GlowRoad?

Yes, you can personalize your online store, set your margins, and promote it through various channels.

How do I contact GlowRoad customer support?

You can reach GlowRoad customer support via email at [email protected].

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