Review: Real or Fake Site?

In this post, we are going to review, a Forex trading Robot claiming to enhance the trading experience.

Here, we will be providing a comprehensive overview of for potential investors.

What is is an AI-based Forex Trading Robot. The platform claims to simplify investing by offering an intuitive interface and eliminating the need for multiple platforms, catering to users’ wealth management needs in one place.

It claims to be a multi-asset investment platform for consumers, providing an AI-based multi-asset trading bot for investing offerings for currency trading needs.

It was founded in 2022 and is based in the United Kingdom.

It aims to make online trading and investing accessible to everyone by making the process simpler and more transparent.

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Types of Accounts and Costs provides three types of accounts:

Standard $100-499
Classic $500-1999
Premium$2000+ serves in the B2C space in the FinTech market segments.

The website has around 82k visitors as per SimilarWeb stats as of March 2024.

Despite being a relatively new website, it has decent traffic and no serious scam news.

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Website Profile
Product/ServicesInvestment, Forex
Domain registration date4 April 2022
Contact+44 7360500762 [email protected]

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Here are some of the concerns about this platform:

  • No information available about operators.
  • Lack of crucial information about the business raises concerns about transparency.
  • Potential association with TLC coin, used by several fake currency trading platforms, raises suspicions.
  • The need for investment to open an account may deter potential users.

While shows promise and potential in revolutionizing Forex trading, caution is advised due to the need for investment and lack of transparency in certain areas.

Thorough research and understanding of the platform are essential before committing any funds.

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