Flirtu Telegram Channel Review: Real or Fake?

Flirtu Telegram is a telegram dating bot that claims to be the best on the internet.

In this post, we will tell you what this Telegram dating bot is about, how it will find the best match for you, its plans, and the authenticity of the profiles it sends to us.

What is the Flirtu Telegram?

Flirtu is a Telegram dating bot that helps you find a better match for you. All you need to start chatting with the Flirtu Telegram bot to find a better match for you.

Dmitry Placko is a co-founder of, along with Stanislaus Belachkin but no image is available of both.

Flirtu Telegram Real or Fake

Flirtu’s mission is to provide people with a fast, simple and convenient way to approach dating within the familiar, comfortable bounds of Telegram. It offers matches only in two genders male and female.

There are coin purchases and VIP memberships available to start chatting.  

Dmitry Placko are co-founders of Flirtu

The platform has been established for some years and has a registration date of 16 April 2021 as per WHOIS. The website has high web traffic with 3M monthly visitors to the site according to

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Website Profile
Registration Date16 April 2021
Product/ServicesTelegram Dating
AddressRiga, LV Latvia
Contact[email protected]

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Flirtu Telegram Real or Fake?

After examining the website profile, Telegram bot and online reviews, we found both green and red flags. Let’s have a deeper look at what we found:

  • Online presence has been for some years.
  • Customer support is available via email to address common questions of users that could arise while using the Telegram bot.
  • Owner information is available.
  • Positive reviews available on the internet (YouTube).
  • The website is easy to use and has an appealing design style.
  • Well documentation and user guide available.
  • We have discovered social media accounts.
  • Telegram Bot is easy to use to find matches.
  • High visitors to the website.
  • There is no free section.
  • Adultery can be found at some point.

On the Flirtu Telegram bot, you can start chatting with your matches after making some payment or coin purchase. It has offered a user guide for users to easily understand the whole process.

The bot doesn’t take your credentials only a picture is required to show your profile to others.

The telegram bot sometimes suggests matches that indulge in some adultery works, this is the area that you need to be careful about while having a chat with them.

We recommend using this bot to start finding your best matches but don’t pay money if some profiles ask you apart from the dating bot.

Therefore, users should be careful with profiles available on the bot and consider exploring other reputable dating websites and bots for best matches.

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