AJ Marketing Company: Real or Fake?

In the realm of online job offering platforms, AJ Marketing Malaysia seems to be a suspicious platform that targets individuals seeking part-time work.

They attract people with promises of lucrative pay and flexible hours. Here’s a breakdown of their suspicious practices.

What is AJ Marketing Company?

AJ Marketing Malaysia presents itself as a legitimate part-time job opportunity, often discovered through unsolicited messages on WhatsApp.

The allure of quick cash for simple actions is a common tactic used by scammers to entice individuals into their schemes.

AJ Marketing Company

They claim to offer tasks such as following specific Instagram accounts and liking posts, promising easy money for minimal effort.

It appears that the operation is being conducted by individuals from Malaysia and spread by Indian people.

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WebsiteNot Found
NameAJ Marketing
Product/ServicesJob Opportunity
AppNot Found
Communication ChannelWhatsApp, Telegram

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AJ Marketing Review

Here are some of the negative reviews about this platform:

  • The platform recruits’ individuals under false pretences, offering simple tasks but later coercing them into financial commitments.
  • AJ Marketing Malaysia uses manipulative tactics to pressure victims into making deposits, threatening job loss and group penalties if they fail to comply.
  • The platform lacks transparency regarding job details, ownership, and operations, indicating a lack of legitimacy.
  • This scam is rampant on WhatsApp and Telegram, with no associated website or app found for verification.

AJ Marketing Malaysia operates as a fraudulent scheme, misleading individuals with false promises of part-time work.

AJ Marketing Company Complaints

Job seekers should exercise caution and conduct thorough research before engaging with such platforms to avoid falling victim to scams.

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