The Real World Review: Real or Fake?

Andrew Tate, a controversial internet personality, has garnered attention for his polarizing views and online presence. Transitioning from his previous venture, Hustlers University 2.0, Tate launched The Real World in October 2022.

In this review, we delve into The Real World, exploring its nature, operations, and the person behind it—Andrew Tate.

What is The Real World?

The Real World, operating through, emerged as the successor to Hustlers University 2.0. Marketed as Stage 2.

It’s a place where people can learn about making money. The Real World covers skills such as Freelancing, Crypto Investing, Business and Finance, Content Creation, Artificial Intelligence, and Fitness.

To join The Real World, there is a registration charge or a package of $49.99 per month.

According to Similar Web, approximately 12 million people visited the site as of October 2023.

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What The Real World Offers?

The Real World claims to offer insights into wealth creation and financial freedom. The platform primarily employs Discord servers for educational content, featuring pre-made slides, videos, and live streams.

You get to pick a category from the “Cash-Time Quadrant,” which guides you on skills and strategies for business.

The Real World Courses & Professor

The platform primarily employs discord servers for educational content, featuring pre-made slides, videos, and live streams. The central premise involves users choosing a category from the “Cash-Time Quadrant,” guiding them toward relevant skills and business strategies.

The Real World is popular, but not because it has great content or real stories from people who tried it. The big draw is that they give a high 48% commission through their affiliate program.

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Who is Andrew Tate?

Andrew Tate, a former professional kickboxer, achieved notoriety through various endeavors, including a controversial stint on Big Brother in 2016.

andrew tate

Alongside his brother, Tristan Tate, he ventured into a successful webcam business. Tate’s flagship program, Hustler’s University, initially marketed as a personal development course, aims to guide men toward success and financial prosperity.

The Real World, another brainchild of Tate, aspires to mentor individuals in attaining financial freedom.

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Website Profile
NameThe Real World
Product/ServicesAffiliate Program, Skill Learning
Domain registration date28 August, 2022
Contact[email protected]

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The Real World Review

Despite its enticing promises, The Real World presents drawbacks that may discourage potential investors or affiliates.

  • While Andrew Tate is known as a motivational speaker, doubts arise about his effectiveness as a tutor for the skills he promotes.
  • With abundant free educational content available online, the necessity of paid programs like The Real World is questioned.
  • The change in name and joining costs for new students without clear distinctions is a significant drawback.
  • They provide a warning that the price will increase from $49.99 to $147 per month, which is a fake claim to mislead people.

Additionally, the frequent name changes—from “The New Era Learning” to “Hustlers University 2.0” and now “The Real World”—might leave one skeptical about the program’s stability and commitment.

While the allure of a lucrative affiliate program exists, the overall content quality and perceived similarities between the programs may deter potential participants.

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Who is Andrew Tate?

Andrew Tate is a former professional kickboxer and internet figure known for ventures like Hustlers University and The Real World.

When was The Real World established?

The domain for The Real World was first registered in August 2022.

What does The Real World offer?

The Real World claims to be an online educational platform focusing on wealth creation, led by Andrew Tate.

Is there an affiliate program for The Real World?

Yes, The Real World offers an affiliate program with a commission of 48% on each sale.

How to join The Real World?

You can join through this link.

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