Haiderbit.com Review: Legit or Scam?

In this review, we will examine Haiderbit.com, presented as a cryptocurrency trading and investment platform, claiming to provide lucrative opportunities for online earnings.

However, certain aspects raise concerns about its legitimacy and reliability.

What is Haiderbit.com?

Haiderbit.com is a cryptocurrency trading and investment platform, that offers users various investment plans with the promise of significant returns.

According to its website, its head office is in Switzerland. However, the server for Haiderbit.com is located in San Francisco, United States of America.

Founded in 2017 by Stefan Feldmann, it claims to be a fully regulated and licensed AML/CTF-compliant exchange platform, facilitating the buying, selling, sending, receiving, and trading of cryptocurrencies.

Haiderbit.com also has a referral program.

The referral system involves three stages: direct referrals, secondary referrals, and users referred by the secondary group.

According to SimilarWeb, Haiderbit.com had no visitors as of October 2023.

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Haiderbit.com Profile

Product/ServicesCryptocurrency Trading, Reffereal Programs
Domain registration date27 October, 2023
AddressAv. des Morgines 12, 1213 Lancy, Switzerland

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Haiderbit.com Review

Here are some negative aspects that raise suspicion on this website:

  • Travimo.co is a recently created website, urging caution for potential users.
  • The website has low traffic, indicating limited recognition among users.
  • The absence of links to social networks raises questions about the site’s credibility.
  • Elements of design on Haiderbit.com resemble features detected on previously suspicious websites.
  • Numerous negative reviews online indicate a problematic user experience.
  • Haiderbit.com does not offer a dedicated application for users.

Haiderbit.com’s referral program resembles Ponzi schemes, which are reliant on new investments and susceptible to system collapse.

Also, despite claiming establishment in 2017, the domain haiderbit.com was registered on October 27, 2023, which contradicts its proclaimed history.

In conclusion, Haiderbit.com raises red flags with a recent domain registration, a contradictory founding date, and a referral program that echoes risky patterns. The absence of a dedicated mobile application and limited social network presence add to concerns.

For online security, it’s recommended to approach Haiderbit.com with skepticism and avoid investment due to the potential risks associated with its operations.

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Who is the founder of Haiderbit.com?

Stefan Feldmann is the founder of Haiderbit.com.

What are the services offered by Haiderbit.com?

Haiderbit.com is a cryptocurrency trading and investment platform with various investment plans.

Is Haiderbit.com trustworthy for investments?

Haiderbit.com is considered risky, and caution is advised.

Where is Haiderbit.com hosted?

The server for Haiderbit.com is in San Francisco, United States.

When was Haiderbit.com established?

The domain for Haiderbit.com was registered on October 27, 2023, contrary to its claim of being founded in 2017.

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