Teji Mandi App Review: Real or Fake?

In this post, we’ll delve into the legitimacy of the Teji Mandi App, where users can invest in stock.

This review delves into the critical question of whether the Teji Mandi App is a genuine platform or a potential scam.

What is Teji Mandi App?

Teji Mandi App is an investor-friendly app that simplifies stock market investments. It helps users build diversified portfolios with one-click transactions.

Teji Mandi provides an app and a website where investors can access their portfolios, track their performance, and get notifications on when to buy or sell stocks.

The app and the website also have blogs, podcasts, and videos that educate investors on various aspects of stock market investing.

Teji Mandi offers two types of portfolios: Flagship and Multiplier. The Flagship portfolio consists of 15-20 stocks from large-cap and mid-cap segments, while the Multiplier portfolio consists of 15-20 stocks from mid-cap and small-cap segments.

The Teji Mandi App, operated by TM Investment Technologies Private Limited, boasts a considerable user base and is available on the Google Play Store.

Mr. Vaibhav Agrawal is the founder of Teji Mandi App. According to the Google Play Store & App Store, it has 1M plus downloads.

According to SimilarWeb, it has a total of 95K visitors as of December 2023.

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Website Profile

NameTeji Mandi
Product/ServicesStocks investment
Domain registration date12 November 2015
AddressMotilal Oswal Tower, Rahimtullah Sayani Road, Opp. Parel ST Depot, Prabhadevi, Mumbai – 400 025
[email protected]

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Teji Mandi App Review

We conducted research on the Teji Mandi App profile and user reviews and found several green flags. Let’s take a closer look at it:

  • Present offical contact information.
  • The website provides information about its owner.
  • The website is easy to navigate and visually appealing.
  • Links to social networks, such as Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook, are found on the page
  • This website maintained a positive reputation and no security engine blacklisted this domain.
  • Address or legal support was provided for any potential issues or disputes.
  • The design of the website is good.
  • There are no complaints that can be found on the internet.
  • There are many favorable reviews available on the internet.

The above sign says that it is a trustworthy and reliable platform for customers to engage with. Customers can feel confident in their transactions and interactions on Teji Mandi App.

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