Wreme.com Review: Real or Fake Site?

In today’s post, we delve into Wreme.com, an online shopping website that sells phone covers, beanies, clogs, and slips.

However, our investigation aims to determine the legitimacy of Wreme.com and whether it’s a safe platform for online shopping.

What is Wreme.com?

Wreme.com is an online shopping website where users can buy phone covers, beanies, clogs, and slips at discounted prices.

The site lures customers with enticing discounts, including up to 30% off, with prices ranging from $25 to $89.99.

The website claims a 30-day return policy after receiving your item.

As per Whois.com, Wreme.com was registered on July 27, 2023. There is no information available about the founder of the website.

According to SimilarWeb, it has a total of 15K visitors as of December 2023.

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Website Profile

Product/ServicesPhone covers, beanies, clogs, and slips
Domain registration date27 July 2023
Contact[email protected]

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Wreme.com Review

As per our research, we found Wreme.com to be a suspicious website. Here are a few important things to consider.

  • The website is newly established, raising concerns about its credibility.
  • Wreme.com is not widely known, with low user traffic and limited recognition.
  • The absence of information regarding the owner or founder of Wreme.com
  • links to social networks, such as Twitter, Pinterest, or Facebook, are found on the page, is not valid
  • No address or legal support was provided for any potential disputes.

In light of the red flags mentioned above, we must advise caution when considering the Wreme.com shopping site for your online shopping needs.

The combination of recent creation, low popularity, lack of transparency, functional issues, and undisclosed ownership contributes to an overall assessment of potential unreliability.

It is advisable to exercise prudence and avoid sharing personal information with the platform.

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