Tanishq Navratri Gift Real or Fake?

The Tanishq Navratri Gift Offer has recently surfaced as a WhatsApp message offering an iPhone 15 and other gifts as part of Navratri and festival celebrations.


Many users have received these messages, sparking curiosity about whether Tanishq is indeed providing these gifts. This post aims to provide accurate information about the legitimacy of the Tanishq Navratri Gift iPhone 15 Offer.

What is Tanishq Navratri Gift?

Tanishq Navratri Gift offer is a WhatsApp message claiming that Tanishq, a renowned jewellery company, is offering free iPhone 15s and other gifts to celebrate Navratri and the festive season.

Users are provided with a link in the message, supposedly to register for these gifts. However, the authenticity of this offer is questionable.


Upon clicking the provided link, users are redirected to a registration form. Here, they are prompted to enter personal information such as their name, address, and mobile number. The form may also request additional details.

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Tanishq Navratri Gift Scam

The Tanishq Navratri Gift Scam appears to be a fraudulent scheme. The Tanishq Navratri Gift Scam is primarily spread through WhatsApp messages.

Here are some of the red flags that question the authenticity of this offer.

  • The offer is primarily spread through unsolicited WhatsApp messages, which is a common tactic used by scammers.
  • Tanishq has not officially announced or confirmed these gifts on their website or social media platforms.
  • Users are prompted to provide personal information through a registration form, which can lead to data theft or privacy breaches.
  • Experts have deemed this offer a fraud, further indicating its untrustworthiness.

While many users have received WhatsApp messages promising gifts such as an iPhone 15 or cash rewards, there is no official announcement or confirmation from Tanishq regarding these offers.

Many have labeled this as a scam, and it is essential to exercise caution when encountering such messages.

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Is Tanishq giving Navratri gifts?

There is no official confirmation or endorsement from Tanishq regarding Navratri gifts, and the offer appears to be a scam.

Who started the Tanishq Navratri Gift Scam?

The origins of the scam are unclear, but it is primarily spread through unsolicited WhatsApp messages.

Is Tanishq giving Navratri gifts offer real or fake?

This offer is deemed fake by cyber experts due to its lack of official confirmation and the potential risks associated with providing personal information.

What should I do if I receive such messages?

It is advisable to block and report the sender of such messages to prevent potential data theft or privacy breaches. Avoid clicking on any suspicious links.

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