Review: Real or Fake Site?

Star-clicks is an online advertising network website that pays you for clicking on ads.

This post is an unbiased review of Star-clicks ( So first of all let’s understand what Star-clicks is offering to us and let you know whether it is real or fake.

What is Star-clicks?

Star-clicks offers a very simple way to earn money by clicking on ads. According to the website, earning money on Star-clicks is free no investment is required. It is a piece of cake since all you need to just click on ads.

Star-click homepage has a monthly 1.9M+ visitors from countries such as India, Venezuela, Sri Lanka and Indonesia.

You can join Star-clicks as a Publisher or an Advertiser. Just follow the steps given below

  • Go to the header section of the website and click on Sign-in.
  • Choose a Publisher or an Advertiser
  • Fill up your personal information required in the form and you are good to go onward

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Website Profile
Known asStar-clicks
Services OfferedAdvertising facilitator
Domain registration date12 July 2008
Address147 Botanic Avenue Belfast, Northern Ireland
Contact and
+44 203 290 8015
[email protected]

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How to earn from Star-clicks?

You can earn on Star clicks in four ways, such as pay-per-click ads, referral links, HTML codes, and invitations.

As per the information we get from the site, pay-per-click ads is the most popular way to make money on the Star-clicks.

Star-click ads to click

Star-clicks gives you a few number ads to click on, the standard earning rate is $0.01 for Silver Star-click users and $0.02 per ad click for Platinum Star-click users.

From referral programs as a Publisher, one can make $0.08 for every new user they refer to Star-clicks. Standard rates will increase as per membership levels.

Star-click referral commissions

However, to earn the referral bonus, the referral must verify their phone number and email address.

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Star-Clicks Payout Process

First, you need to set up your account details in the profile settings. You can withdraw your earnings once reach to minimum limit of $50.

Withdrawal process star-click

Payment options include PayPal, Bitcoin, and bank transfer, and there is an option for auto-payout.

Star-click offer three ways to transfer money

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Star-clicks Real or Fake?

Well, there definitely are legit PTC sites out there, and there are also scams. Just like GPT and survey sites, there will always be individuals looking to take advantage of people by putting up scam sites. So, it is important to know how to spot legitimate sites.

Based on our research, Star-clicks is not a fake website that offers a very simple way to earn money. It pays its users on time.

However, when using any website to earn money online there are some points to consider carefully before using Star-clicks.

Licit Business Model

  • You won’t become rich from it, as they pay little amount for ad clicks.
  • If you want to earn from Star-click then be patient and work daily.

User reviews from the Internet

  • Complaints regarding very late or no withdrawal from the platform.
Star-click user reviews

Not easy to reach the minimum payout limit

  • It pays you much less and is not going to be easy to reach $50
  • For silver members, it’s not easy
  • No guarantee of an autopay option
  • HTML code doesn’t work sometimes
  • No refund of purchased membership

Pay to earn more

  • You need to upgrade your account to earn more
  • The earning model is designed to attract people to upgrade
  • Commonly monetising options for publishers are free, but Star-clicks is providing it as a paid option

Reduction of ads and money

  • One user said that my silver membership was reduced from 10-11 ads daily to 3-4 ads daily
  • The auto payout doesn’t work properly sometimes

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Should I join Star-clicks? is a real site, and possible to earn, but we don’t recommend it as there are many issues with the site. You are not going to become a millionaire from this site, it is not a static source of income.

Be careful because you do not have control over what ads will display or link to your blog.

If the ads point to unwanted photos, gambling sites, or illegal products your blog and your Google Account may be banned – policy violations.

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Who is the founder of Star-clicks?

There is no information available about the founder and operator of Star-clicks.

Where is Star-clicks located?

It is located in Northern Ireland.

Is Star-clicks real or fake?

The current stage is doubtful.

Should I join Star-clicks?

We don’t recommend joining this site.

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