Review: Real or Fake Site? appears to be a platform offering education-related blogs.

Let’s delve into a comprehensive review to assess its legitimacy. This review aims to scrutinize’s legitimacy, considering its positive and negative attributes.

What is

While presenting itself as an informational blogging website primarily focused on education-related blogs, it claims to provide guides on education, making money, and technology.

It generally provides investment information. Currently, it has one category: exam tips & tricks.

Positioning itself as an information hub, it covers topics such as investment, free mobile recharge, check location, and more.

As per, was registered on February 5, 2023. The founder of this website is Aman Verma.

According to SimilarWeb, it has a total of 1K visitors as of November 2023.

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Website Profile
NamePhysics in Hindi
Product/ServicesEducation Information, Blogs, Money-earning
Domain registration date5 February 2023
Contact[email protected]

Read: Review Review a blend of positive attributes with some negatives. Here are some positive aspects:

  • Exhibits a secure connection with a valid SSL certificate.
  • The website maintains a positive reputation, escaping blacklisting by security engines.
  • The website provides information about its owner.
  • Present official contact information.

Now, let’s see some negative aspects of

  • False earnings claim.
  • They redirect a user to another website which is a red flag.
  • Very few users visit this website and less known.
  • This website is started recently, hence keep precautions.
  • Observations suggest the site is still in development.
  • Everything visible on the page is entirely false.
  • The website design doesn’t look good.

While has certain positive aspects, the combination of recent creation, limited popularity, and redirecting users to another website necessitates caution.

It doesn’t manifest as an outright scam, users should exercise caution, keeping an eye on user reviews, and prioritizing the safety and authenticity of the information provided online.

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Is Legit?

The website is deemed average, with a mix of positive and negative attributes.

Who established

Aman Verma is the founder of

Where is operating from?

The location status is unknown.

When was the domain register?

The domain was registered on 5 February 2023.

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