Numgenius AI App Review: Real or Fake?

In this post, we explore Numgenius Ai, an investment platform that claims you can earn a lot of money by investing in their plan and they also provide Cloud Computing service.

However, caution is urged due to the potential risks associated with personal information sharing.

What is Numgenius Ai?

Numgenius Ai is an investment platform claiming you can earn a lot of money by investing in their plan and they also provide Cloud Computing service.

Numgenius Ai is a software company that provides IT services to people at the lowest price. According to the information given about this company, this company provides Cloud Computing service to the people.

Apart from these, they also have an investment platform where they have multiple plans and among them, Virtual Private Servers is the cheapest plan which is priced at Rs 6,500. In this plan, by depositing Rs 6,500, an earning of Rs 18,525 is being claimed, that too within 30 days.

There are other plans available on this website which are talking about multiplying the money, like on depositing Rs 16,000 you will get Rs 50,400, on depositing Rs 35,000 you will get Rs 1,20,750.

As per, Numgenius Ai was registered on August 23, 2023. There is no information available about the founder of the website.

According to SimilarWeb, it has a total of 2.5k visitors as of December 2023.

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Website Profile

NameNumgenius Ai
Product/ServicesCloud Computing Service, Investment
Domain registration date23 August 2023
[email protected]

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Numgenius Ai Review

Here are some mixed concerns about Numgenius Ai, which makes it difficult to decide whether it is fake or real.

Numgenius Ai presents a blend of positive attributes with some negatives. Here are some positive aspects:

  • Present offical contact information.
  • links to social networks, such as Twitter, Youtube, or Linkedin, are found on the page.
  • This website has a valid SSL certificate and provides a secure connection.
  • Numgenius Ai has a relatively good Safety Score.
  • Numgenius Ai has received mostly positive feedback from users.

Now, let’s see some negative aspects of Numgenius Ai.

  • The absence of details about the owner and founder contributes to the website’s lack of transparency.
  • Very few users visit this website and less known.
  • There are several negative reviews online
  • The website is newly established, raising concerns about its credibility.
  • Engages in high-risk activities with dubious guarantees.
  • A lot of user-facing withdrawal problems.
  • Lack of verifiable company address.

After reading the positive and negative of the website, users should carefully weigh their options before making a decision.

It is important to verify the legitimacy and trustworthiness of any website before providing personal information or making payments. This can be done by researching the website, reading reviews, and checking for secure payment methods.

It is not recommended to trust or rely on the information found on this website. It is advisable to seek assistance or information from alternative sources.

Overall, the site raises significant concerns and should be approached with caution.

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Is Numgenius Ai Legit?

The website is deemed average, with a mix of positive and negative attributes.

Who is the owner or the founder of Numgenius Ai? 

Numgenius Ai provides no details about its owner or founder.

Where is Numgenius Ai located?

The location status is unknown.

Should I use Numgenius Ai services?

Use Numgenius Ai at your own risk.

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