Review: Really a Google Alternative? presents itself as a search engine akin to Google. However, its legitimacy and safety warrant a closer look.

Here’s a detailed overview to help determine whether is genuine or potentially a scam.

What is positions itself as a search engine, resembling Google in appearance and claiming to provide search results.

A comparison between and Google suggests similarities in search results.

The homepage is simple, featuring only a search bar, and consistently maintains a dark theme.

Unlike Google, lacks dedicated pages for help, privacy, and terms.

Results seem identical to Google, yet the site lacks the diverse features of its well-established counterpart.

The website was registered on October 28, 2023, making it a relatively recent creation.

As of now, is not visited by many users, according to available data. Similarweb data shows minimal user engagement, suggesting it’s not widely used.

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Website Profile
Product/ServicesSearch Engine
Domain registration date28 October 2023

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Approach with skepticism, considering the identified red flags, and exercising caution in your online interactions. Here are some other negative aspects of this platform:

  • holds a lower safety score.
  • The absence of information about the founder or developer adds to the mystery.
  • mimics the appearance and claims of a search engine, resembling Google.
  • Limited information and a lack of reputation contribute to caution when interacting with the website.
  • The lack of links to social networks questions the website’s credibility.
  • Recent creations may raise concerns about trustworthiness and credibility.
  • Vital pages like Help, Privacy, and Terms are conspicuously absent, limiting transparency.
  • It has considerably lower viewership. emerges as a website with significant red flags. Its recent creation, low safety score, limited viewership, and absence of key information raise skepticism.

The resemblance to Google may be a facade, and caution is advised when interacting with this platform. Potential security concerns and the lack of credibility warrant careful consideration.

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Is safe to use?

Due to a low safety score and security concerns, caution is recommended when using

Who is the founder or developer of

The identity of the founder or developer remains unknown, contributing to the website’s opacity.

Are the search results on reliable?

While results may appear similar to Google, the overall lack of credibility raises doubts about reliability.

Does have a social media presence?

No links to social networks were found on the website, adding to its unverified nature.

When was registered? was registered on October 28, 2023.

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9 thoughts on “ Review: Really a Google Alternative?”

  1. I coulsd not down load it as Google does not recognise it, may be as alternative to Google they would not encourage it. I believe that we have alternative to google, even though may it be less secur, but it can be less sensorised for arabic and palestinians issues.
    I hope they will make a mail, so we can replace google totaly.

  2. But what about g**gle which had a lawsuit filed for stealing millions of data to train its AI . I think cynay is very simple search engine. Better option.

  3. I think we should give it a try!
    I mean look how many times Target, Wells Fargo, Uber, Verizon etc:

    Have had CEO’s release statements or people have to call various numbers to get money back that was stolen from them, by these organizations.

    We should want to help promote the business of others .


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