Niro Loan App Review: Real Or Fake?

Mobile applications have transformed the way we access financial services, making loans and credit more accessible than ever before. One such application that has garnered attention is the Niro Loan App.

In this review, we will delve into what the Niro Loan App is, examine potential red and green flags, evaluate its authenticity, and answer some frequently asked questions about this financial platform.

What is Niro Loan App?

The Niro Loan App is a mobile application designed to provide quick and convenient access to personal loans.

It has its own website too. Its app and website are managed by QFI Technologies Private Limited. It is available for both Android and iOS platforms.

And NDX P2P Private Limited (Liquiloans) is currently one of its Empanelled Lending Partners.

It appears to cater to individuals seeking short-term financial solutions.

It offers loans between ₹50,000 to ₹700,000 with interest rates ranging from 12% to 28% annually for terms of six to seventy-two months.

In addition, there is a 1.5% to 4.5% processing fee.  

According to SimilarWeb, it has 200k monthly visitors.

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Niro Loan App Profile
NameNiro Loan App
ProductShort Term Loans
Domain Registration Date21 August, 2021
Address17/1, Bharat Apartments, 44/1 Fair Field Layout, Racecourse Road, Bangalore – 560001, Karnataka, India
Contact[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]

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Niro Loan App Review

Here are red and green flags about this website:

Red Flags:

  • Lack of Transparency.
  • Negative user reviews and complaints about hidden fees are found.
  • It has unauthorized access to personal information.
  • Unrealistic Promises.
  • It is not a regulated bank or NBFC.

Green Flags:

  • It has strong data protection measures and a clear privacy policy.
  • There are many positive reviews about the Niro Loan App.

The Niro Loan App offers a straightforward and user-friendly loan application process.

Determining whether the Niro Loan App is fake or real remains challenging due to limited available information.

However, the app’s lack of transparency and user reviews highlighting potential issues raise concerns.

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Is Niro Loan App available on both Android and iOS platforms?

Niro Loan App is available on the Android platform, and iOS.

Who is the founder of Niro Loan App?

The founder or founding team of Niro Loan App is not known. However, it is managed by QFI Technologies Private Limited.

What is the maximum loan amount one can apply for through the Niro Loan App?

It offers loans between ₹50,000 to ₹700,000.

How much interest is charged in Niro loan app?

Niro Loan App charges an interest rate ranging from 12% to 28% annually, for a period of six to seventy-two months.

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