Million Vision Private Limited Real or Fake?

Million Vision Pvt Ltd promotes ads and claims users can earn lots of money by watching 10-second ads on the website.

In this post, we will review Million Vision Pvt Ltd and let you know whether it is legitimate.

What is Million Vision Pvt Ltd?

Million Vision Pvt Ltd is a website that promotes advertisements and lets users earn money by watching 10-second videos.

Million Vision Pvt Ltd login/signup page that requires sponsor Id

There is no information available on the founder or operator of Million Vision Pvt Ltd.

According to the website registered on October 2023.

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Website Profile
Known asMillion Vision Pvt Ltd
Services OfferedWatch and Earn
Domain registration date16 October 2023
AddressNot known
Contact number and EmailNot known

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Million Vision Pvt Ltd Review

We conducted research on Million Vision Pvt Ltd’s website profile and user reviews and found several concerning red flags. Let’s take a closer look at it:

  • The website user interface is very grubby
  • Login/Sign up page is poorly created
  • Plenty of negative reviews on the internet
  • Official contact details are not available
  • It is not possible to withdraw money at any time.
  • Whatever is shown on the website is completely fake
  • offers exciting earning amounts to lure users

The Million Vision Pvt Ltd as a whole has several concerning issues, such as no details available on the company’s headquarters and founders, among many other things.

The Login/Sign Up page is poorly designed with no system status updates. Negative reviews and complaints about unprocessed withdrawable earnings.

million vision pvt ltd website repeatedly displays false withdrawal dates and times

The website repeatedly displays false withdrawal dates and times, indicating fraudulent activity.

The website requires no mobile number registration, no OTP, no deposits and is completely free to use. However, withdrawals are not guaranteed. The site offers lucrative earning amounts to lure users.

Websites that do not require user registration are often not legitimate. Please don’t waste time on Million Vision Pvt Ltd.

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Who is the founder of Million Vision Pvt Ltd?

There is no information available about the founder and location.

Is Million Vision Pvt Ltd legal in India?

No, It is not legal in India.

Is Million Vision Pvt Ltd real or fake?

Yes, Million Vision Pvt Ltd is Fake.

Should I use the Million Vision Pvt Ltd?

No, please stay away and don’t waste your valuable time on this site.

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