Review: Real or Fake Site?, a recently launched investment platform in 2023, has garnered attention in the direct selling business.

However, upon closer inspection, several red flags emerge, casting doubt on the legitimacy of, which we are going to review in this post.

What is is an investment platform. It is operated under Aashi Fasttrack Dial Services Pvt. Ltd.; the company claims to offer business analysis services and engages in direct selling.

Mr. Anand Kumar is the owner of the company, and Amit Chaudhary is the digital marketing manager.

Its key products include Fasttrack shoes, watches, and t-shirts.

Users are prompted to choose an account type, submit an application, and fund that account upon approval.

According to SimilarWeb, attracts approximately 184K visitors on a monthly basis as of October 2023.

Income Plan

The business model is centered around a free-to-join plan with four income streams based on recruiting individuals into the network.

The platform provides four types of income:

  • Matrix Income
  • One-time level Income
  • Royalty Income
  • Welcome Bonus

Matrix income is paid according to the number of individuals added to the network.

Royalty income of 2% of the company’s turnover is unlocked by making a team of 120 people. A welcome bonus of Rs. 100 is granted on every joining until it reaches Rs. 2500.

It has a minimum withdrawal limit of Rs. 200, together with a 5% deduction.

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Website Profile
Product/ServicesInvestment, Network Marketing, Business Analysis
Domain registration date17 June, 2023
AddressKushinagar, Uttar Pradesh, 274402
Contact+91 9628647065
[email protected]

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Upon examining and its user experiences, several negative aspects become apparent:

The use of the well-known Fasttrack in the platform’s name raises concerns about potential trademark infringement.

  • Its website is poorly developed.
  • Potentially fabricated information about the owner, Mr. Anand Kumar, adds to suspicions surrounding the platform’s credibility.
  • The presence of a seemingly fake address further questions the legitimacy of and its operations.
  • Despite claims of having an app on the Play Store, the absence of a app raises concerns. raises numerous red flags, including the use of a well-known brand name, a poorly developed website, potentially fabricated owner information, and fake address details. review

The business plan lacks transparency, with unclear information about work processes. The absence of a Play Store app further diminishes the platform’s credibility.

Considering these factors, caution is advised for individuals considering involvement with

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Who is the owner of

The owner is stated as Mr. Anand Kumar.

What products does offer? claims to offer products such as Fasttrack shoes, watches, and t-shirts.

Is legitimate?

Given the red flags, including a poorly developed website, a fake address, and potentially false owner information, the legitimacy of is highly questionable.

Does operate in India?

The platform claims to operate in India, but the lack of an actual address raises concerns about its actual location and operations.

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