Is Hire-India@Amazon Real or Fake?

Under the guise of providing a job, a scam targeting job seekers in the name of Amazon for various executive posts.

In this post, we will tell you about this scam that is currently coming to the top on the internet.

Hire-India@Amazon Review

Websites like and are claiming to give you top-level roles in Amazon with an easy process of hiring.

These websites offer Collections Analyst, Associate Quality Services, Transportation Specialist, Sr. Finops Analyst AP, Controllership Specialist, Collections Analyst, ML Data Associate, and Software Development Engineer jobs.

They mimic like original Amazon sites with exact logos, color themes, and layouts to mislead users. Furthermore, they have not offered any customer support (email) to address common queries.

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Hire-India@Amazon Real or Fake?

As per our investigation, Hire-India@Amazon is a false claim and there is no such offer from the official Amazon website. Amazon’s hiring process is known for being rigorous and intense. The process includes multiple assessment tests and interviews.

Here are some points of concern to consider:

  • Amazon jobs are usually published and communicated through official channels not from haphazardly websites.
  • Amazon has not officially announced such jobs.
  • Reviews and sources suggest these websites are posting jobs to get personal details of the visitors.
  • There is no customer support offered by these scam websites.
  • Websites didn’t provide clear instructions, terms and conditions, unlike genuine websites.


It is important to be cautious of such scams fishing people online, especially those claiming to offer Amazon jobs work from home or benefits. Always verify information from official sources before taking any action.

In this case, Hire-India@Amazon is not offering any jobs on Amazon, and users should avoid falling for such fraudulent schemes.

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