Review: Real or Fake Site? is an online shopping website dealing in jewellery products.

In this post, we will examine its features, claims, and legitimacy based on available information.

What is Dorusmall.Vip? affirms to offer quality women’s jewellery products for different occasions to wear. Review

The website has been used by people for purchases and investments as sources referenced. It has a limited number of products listed with no categories and pricing filters. While hovering over the website we found broken links and infinite scrolling on the home page.

While the site is easy to navigate but not visually appealing. There is a lack of information regarding this domain, so we will go through trusted sources and reviews to give you accurate information.

In the name of the email, they have provided a link that redirected to telegram. So, no customer support is available on this website.

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Website Profile
NameDorus Mall VIP
Product/Services            Jewellery Products
Domain registration date            12-12-2023

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After discreetly investigating the website, we found several red flags, this website does not deserve to be trusted.

Please consider the points given below:

  • Surprisingly high prices.
  • Spelling errors in the URL.
  • A new website with little information.
  • No usual types of payment asked.
  • The website doesn’t work correctly on specific devices.
  • The website doesn’t meet the needs of your target audience.

Considering the above negative aspects we don’t recommend this website for any kind of purchase and investment. This website shows the potential warnings that indicate the website is potentially dangerous.

Potential visitors should proceed with caution and conduct additional research before making any purchases from, as it is a fraudulent website.

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