Review: Real or Fake Site?

In this post, we delve into, an online platform claiming users can earn money by playing games.

Explore the offerings, potential red flags, and critical details about this site.

What is presents itself as an online earning platform where users can earn money through a unique card-based game.

In the game offered by, users invest in cards for potential returns. The categories include investments of ₹100, ₹50, ₹25, and ₹500, each promising different rewards based on predictions.

Users choose a specific category and then select one or more cards to invest in, depending on the category’s rules.

The predictions are based on the cards chosen, and users await the results the next day after 7 a.m.

To check outcomes, users can click on the “Previous Winner” or “Winner” button, determining if their predictions align with the winning cards.

The returns vary based on the category and the accuracy of the predictions.

In the Invest ₹100 and Get ₹200 offer, users choose one of two cards, predicting which will be the winner. If their chosen card is on the winner list the next day, they receive ₹200.

In ₹100 & Get ₹300, this category features six cards, and successful predictions lead to a ₹300 return for the user. The same kind of rules apply to other offers too. The maximum limit of return is ₹2000.

The game appears to operate daily, with results announced the next day after 7 a.m.

According to SimilarWeb, the site has attracted around 7K visitors as of December 2024.

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Website Profile
NameFriends Income
Domain registration date24 January 2024
AddressJharkhand, India Bokaro Steel City, 827009
Contact[email protected]

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The website lacks information about its owner and contact details, raising reliability concerns. Here are some other negative aspects of this platform:

  • The absence of details about the founder raises concerns about transparency.
  • lacks licensing or certifications, contributing to doubts about its legitimacy.
  • Reports suggest subpar customer care service, reflecting potential unreliability.
  • It has very low website traffic.
  • offers too-good-to-be-true earning methods, raising suspicion.
  • is a recently created website.
  • There are many negative reviews about this website on the internet.
  • Using celebrity images without rights.

While presents enticing investment opportunities, the lack of founder information, transparency, and questionable customer service may indicate potential risks.

It’s essential to thoroughly assess the risks before participating in such online games. Users are advised to exercise caution.

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How can I earn on

Users can invest in cards, predict outcomes, and potentially earn returns based on the game’s results.

Is reliable?

Doubts arise due to missing founder information, transparency issues, and reported concerns about customer service.

What are the investment categories? offers investment categories of ₹100, ₹50, ₹10, ₹25, and ₹500, each with different potential returns.

What is the minimum investment amount on

The minimum investment in is ₹10.

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