Aking.in Review: Real or Fake Site?

Aking.in, a website predominantly delving into the blog category, claims to provide the latest in tech news.

With blogs covering a spectrum from Instagram followers’ increase to AI image generators, it poses as a potential information hub.

What is Aking.in?

Aking.in is a blogging website providing information on various subjects.

Aking.in asserts to furnish the audience with the latest in tech, offering blogs on various topics, including apps like Phone Doctor and insights like Emoji Remover from Photos.

The blogs are presented in both Hindi and English.

Aking.in boasts a commendable safety score, indicating a degree of reliability. It is reportedly owned by VK Dewangan.

Aking.in exhibits an alarmingly low viewership, as evidenced by the absence of data on SimilarWeb.

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Website Profile

Domain registration date14 April 2023
Contact[email protected]

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Aking.in Review

Approach Aking.in with skepticism, considering the identified red flags, and exercising caution in your online interactions. The following are some of the concerns associated with Aking.in:

  • Essential pages, including contact details, are conspicuously absent, raising concerns about transparency.
  • Comments suggest dubious activities such as increasing Instagram followers, a potential red flag for scams.
  • Similarweb data reveals minimal viewership, questioning the site’s credibility.
  • The site’s design is not great, and its blogs, especially on hacking, raise ethical concerns.
  • There is no clear information about the owner or the site’s activities, potentially undermining trust.
  • The About Us page claims to be generated with Soumya’s help, a blogging guidance website, hinting at a potential lack of originality.

While Aking.in offers diverse blogs, the absence of essential details, limited viewership, and potential association with questionable practices raise skepticism about its legitimacy.

Exercise caution before engaging with the site.

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What topics are covered on Aking.in?

Aking.in covers a range of tech-related blogs, including apps like Phone Doctor and topics like Instagram followers’ increase.

Is Aking.in’s Instagram follower increase claim legitimate?

Comments suggest skepticism about the legitimacy of claims related to increasing Instagram followers.

Who is the administrator of Aking.in?

VK Dewangan is identified as the administrator.

Are Aking.in’s generated pages a concern?

The claim of generating pages with the help of Soumya raises concerns about originality and authenticity.

When was it registered?

Aking.in was registered on April 14, 2023.

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