Dial 1299 Get Free Recharge: Real or Fake?

In light of the pre-wedding celebrations of Anant Ambani, a scam has surfaced online claiming that Jio is offering free data for calling the number 1299.

This offer has been circulating on the internet, with many claiming to have received free data, but it has been debunked as a fake offer.

What is 1299 Free Data Offer?

The scam involves false claims that Jio is providing a free recharge of Rs. 239, which includes 5GB of data with 100 SMS per day, and other benefits.

Many YouTubers have shown fake evidence of receiving messages about this offer, along with links for further information.

However, calling the number 1299 does not result in any free recharge or benefits, and the phone call may end automatically.

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1299 Free Recharge Real or Fake?

As per our investigation, Dial 1299 Get Free Recharge is a false claim and there is no such offer from Ambanis. Here are some key facts to consider:

  • Unsolicited: Offers from telecom companies are usually communicated through official channels, not random messages or social media.
  • No Official Announcement: Jio has not officially announced any such offer, which is unusual for genuine promotions.
  • Fake Evidence: Videos and messages showing proof of receiving the free recharge are likely fabricated to deceive people.
  • Automatic Call Termination: Reports of the call ending automatically when dialing 1299 indicate the number may not be in service or the offer is fake.
  • Lack of Information: The scam provides no clear instructions or terms, unlike legitimate offers that have detailed information available.
  • Too Good to Be True: The offer of free data, SMS, and other benefits for a simple phone call is unusually generous and likely a scam.


It is important to be cautious of such scams circulating online, especially those claiming to offer free services or benefits. Always verify information from official sources before taking any action.

In this case, Jio is not offering any free data or recharge for calling 1299, and users should avoid falling for such fraudulent schemes.

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