Whatsapp-ip.com Review: Real or Fake Site?

Whatsapp-ip.com is a platform through which you can chat.

In this review post, we will discuss the features and drawbacks of using Whatsapp-ip.com and we will know if the website is legit or a scam.

What is Whatsapp-ip.com?

Whatsapp-ip.com is a platform through which we can chat, talk to each other, and communicate online easily.

We can’t analyze website page content because a website redirects us to another domain Chat.ssrchat.com.

The owner of the website is hiding his identity. Spammers use this information to promote services to website owners. Some website owners therefore chose to hide their contact details.

At the moment of detection, the website was created recently. As per Whois.com, Whatsapp-ip.com was registered on November 29, 2023.

The website receives 241k monthly visitors as per Similarweb.com. Most views come due to referrals.

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Website Profile

Domain registration date29 November 2023

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Whatsapp-ip.com Review

As per our thorough research, the website appears not to be legitimate and is not safe for users.

The domain name (Whatsapp-ip.com) looks like another popular website.

whatsapp-ip.com review

Whatsapp-ip.com Redirecting a user to another website which is a red flag. Very often, websites do this to hide content from us.

Whatsapp-ip.com exhibits several red flags, signaling potential concerns for users. These negative aspects collectively cast doubt on the reliability and safety of Whatsapp-ip.com

  • Recently created site with limited information or history.
  • Suspicious domain name.
  • Infringing copyright trademark of Whatsapp.
  • Negative evaluations from reliable analysts.
  • The website is not visited by many users.
  • Several spammers and scammers use the same registrar.

After reading the above signs, we concluded that it is not advisable to join the program. Recently created site with little to no online presence.

It is advisable to proceed with caution and thoroughly research the platform before sharing any personal or sensitive information on this site or engaging in any financial transactions.

Overall, the site’s credibility and trustworthiness are in question. The lack of transparency raises doubts about the site’s legitimacy and integrity. Please stay away from this site.

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Who established Whatsapp-ip.com? 

No information is available about the founder.

Whatsapp-ip.com is located where? 

The location status is unknown.

Whatsapp-ip.com is legit or a scam?

It is doubtful and approached with caution.

Should I use Whatsapp-ip.com services?

We advise against utilizing it however use it at your own risk.

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