Review: Real or Fake Site?

You may heard about an online trading application named, which claims that you can earn a lot of money by trading on that site.

This review aims to dissect its offerings, features, and user experiences to shed light on potential risks associated with the website.

What is is an online website in which users can do crypto-currency trading. claims to utilize all the latest security features for exchanges with clients and provides triple-layer asset protection.

They have provided a chart of popular crypto-currency with their latest price list such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Tether, Tron, and more

As per, was registered on December 10, 2023. There is no information available about the founder of the website.

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Website Profile
Product/ServicesCrypto Trading
Domain registration date10 December 2023
Address1 Grafton Street, Dublin, Ireland
Contact –

Read: Review Review exhibits red flags that indicate potential unreliability and the likelihood of being a fake trading site.

Here are some of the indicators that make it evident that it is a fake site.

  • The website is newly established, raising concerns about its credibility.
  • Money is deducted from the bank but not deposited in the app account.
  • Inability to withdraw funds from the app account.
  • They have posted fake addresses on their website.
  • The platform struggles with low visitor traffic.
  • No address or legal support was provided for any potential issues or disputes.
  • The absence of details about the owner and founder.
  • Lack of official contact information.

Considering the numerous red flags, including a lack of crucial information, and allegations of deceptive practices, raises significant concerns about its authenticity and safety.

It is important to verify the legitimacy and trustworthiness of any website before providing personal information or making payments. This can be done by researching the website, reading reviews, and checking for secure payment methods.

In conclusion, we advise you to stay away from this fake website.

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Who is the owner or the founder of provides no details about its owner or founder.

Is real or fake? is a fake website.

Where is located?

The location status is unknown.

Can I use services?

We advise against using it however use it at your own risk.

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