Review: Real or Fake Site?

In the world of online earning opportunities, RupeeTub has garnered attention as a platform promising easy money.

This review aims to delve into RupeeTub’s offerings and determine whether it’s a viable earning option or a potential scam.

What is presents itself as a website where users can earn money by engaging in various activities, such as watching videos, viewing advertisements, completing surveys, and referring friends.

Upon joining, users are offered a signup bonus of Rs. 250, adding to the appeal of the platform.

Claims of earning Rs. 20 to 50 for watching a single video for 35 seconds on RupeeTub seem doubtful and unrealistic.

According to SimilarWeb, it had approximately 531k visitors as of February 2024.

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Website Profile
Product/ServicesEarn by Watching Videos, Refer and Earn
Domain registration date6 November 2022
AddressA002, Ground Floor, Industrial Estate, Delhi, India – 110092
Contact[email protected]

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Reports indicate that the site is fake, and users are unable to withdraw money even after reaching the payment threshold.

The platform allegedly requires users to complete surveys and refer 25 friends, yet withdrawal remains impossible. It is advisable to avoid such fraudulent sites.

Here are some of the red flags for

  • One of the crucial aspects of a legitimate platform is its transparency regarding its founders.
  • Legitimate platforms often maintain a presence on social media platforms to engage with users and build trust.
  • Reports suggest that the content and visuals on RupeeTub’s website are fake, indicating a lack of authenticity in its offerings.
  • The platform’s promise of high earnings for simple tasks like watching videos and viewing advertisements is often a red flag for potential scams.
  • RupeeTub’s trust score is reportedly very low, reflecting a lack of trustworthiness and reliability.

Based on the information available, RupeeTub appears to be a potentially fraudulent platform. The lack of transparency, fake content, and unrealistic earning claims are significant red flags that users should be wary of.

While it may offer tempting rewards, it’s advisable to approach RupeeTub with caution and consider alternative, more reputable earning opportunities.

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