Meesho Anniversary Gift Real or Fake?

In recent times, there has been a surge in fraudulent schemes offering iPhones and other rewards.

In this post, we delve into a prevalent online scam that falsely promises iPhones and other rewards, with scammers exploiting the reputation of well-known e-commerce platforms like Meesho.

What Does Meesho Anniversary Gift Offer?

Meesho anniversary gift scam promises to give away iPhone 15s and other prizes in exchange for completing a questionnaire and sharing the link with friends.

The process typically involves answering simple questions and then selecting from several boxes to claim a gift.

Meesho anniversary gift

Upon selecting an iPhone from the gift box, the user is presented with a set of rules, which often include sharing the link with friends and completing registration.

Even if the user follows all the rules, such as sharing the link and completing the required steps, they do not receive the promised iPhone or any other rewards.

The share link feature often fails, preventing users from fulfilling the requirements and claiming their prize.

Meesho has officially issued a statement advising users to be aware of these scams.

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Meesho Anniversary Gift Review

Here are some of the concerns about this platform:

  • Legitimate companies provide clear contact information for participants to reach out with inquiries or issues. Scams often lack this information or provide non-functional contact methods.
  • It requirs users to share the promotion with an exceptionally high number of friends or groups.
  • Unrealistic claims of promising high-end products like iPhone 15 for completing basic tasks.
  • The share link feature often fails, preventing users from completing the required steps.

It is essential to remain vigilant and skeptical of offers that seem too good to be true, especially those claiming to give away expensive products in exchange for minimal effort.

Scams like these are prevalent and can result in financial loss or data theft. Always verify the legitimacy of offers and report suspicious activities to protect yourself and others from falling victim to such scams.

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