Review: Real or Fake Site? claims to give you Instagram followers at lightning speed.

In this review post, we will discuss whether the services of this website are truly beneficial or if they merely create the illusion of popularity without any real engagement.

What is promises to help you gain followers, likes, and views on the most popular app Instagram, thereby making your followers dashboard go up. They offer to automate your engagement strategy and boost your online presence with ease. Review

However, there is a high likelihood that the website is created to deceive those who engage with it based on its features and behaviour.

Turkish word “Medyahzmeti” means media services. It offers tools like the Like Submission Tool, Follower Sending Tool, Comment Submission Tool, and Throwing Story Views.

It has approximately 148K visitors as of February 2024, which exhibits good visitor traffic to the website.

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Website Profile
NameMedya Hizmeti
Product/ServicesSocial Media Services
Domain registration date1 March 2018

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Our investigation reveals several factors that indicate foul about the website. Here are some of the concerns about this platform:

  • It indicates the possibility of security risks.
  • It is important to note that promises of increased Instagram followers, likes, and views may not result in genuine engagement.
  • It is important to note that using services that offer free followers may go against the policies of the platform, which could lead to account suspension or limitations. It is best to avoid such services to maintain a safe and secure online presence.
  • Obtaining followers through such services may lead to disengagement over time, affecting the account’s credibility.
  • Connecting with services such as may increase the risk of security vulnerabilities on user accounts.
  • No user reviews are available on the internet.

In conclusion, appears to be a website that offers services to increase your followers, likes, and views on Instagram.

It is advisable to be cautious when interacting with websites that exhibit suspicious behaviour and lack official customer support. Refrain from sharing any sensitive information.

One should understand that genuine engagements are more important. As a social media influencer, you need to leave an impression of creativity and entertainment not just merely appearing popular online.

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