Hsmart.in Review: Real or Fake Company?

Hsmart.in a company that provides marketing strategies and planning services for companies.

In this post, you will find out if hiring Hsmart.in is a good option for your company and if it is a legitimate marketing provider.

What is Hsmart.in?

Hsmart.in, seems to be an MLM company with products and also gives marketing and planning services to companies.

Hsmart.in review

As per the website, it also offers product sponsors, in that you need to choose and join Hsmart.in.

There is no information available about the owner of the website.

The website domain was registered on 2 January 2020. It exhibits minimal website traffic, with 3.6K visits as of January 2024.

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Website Profile

AppHS Mart
Product/ServicesReferral Marketing
Domain Registration Date02 January 2020
AddressSarhala Road, Garhdiwala 144207, Punjab

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Hsmart.in Review Real or Fake?

Upon analyzing the website profile, we found several red flags. The below points indicate our results:

  • We encountered technical issues with long loading times.
  • The website design is poor and unevenly laid out.
  • The website shows low monthly traffic indicating unpopularity.
  • No reviews are available on the internet.
  • Restricted user login and lack of instructions.
  • Doesn’t have products listed on the website.
  • They are not registered with the Government of India.
  • They have no clear vision about themselves.

There is limited information available about the website, and it is difficult to determine its legitimacy and reliability as it is still in the development phase.

We advise you to be careful while engaging in any activities on the website. Based on the information provided in the website profile, we recommend doing thorough research to understand the market and industry you’ll be involved in.

Ask questions such as how long the distributors have been involved in the MLM, how much they earned last year, and if they have borrowed any money. These steps will help you make a well-informed decision.

Please consider the points in this review post before joining Hsmart.in.

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