Go Trade App Review: Real or Fake?

Go Trade is a trading application that claims that you can earn a lot of money by trading.

However, our investigation aims to determine the legitimacy of the Go Trade App and let you know whether it’s a safe platform for trading.

What is the Go Trade App?

Go Trade App lets you trade from their mobile application in Currency, Metals, and Indices.

Go Trade App has two types of accounts Real and Demo. To use a real account, you need to log in or sign in and then deposit the real money instead demo account lets you trade anyway.

The minimum deposit amount is Rs 100 and the maximum is Rs 20000 through common payment methods like Gpay and Paytm to start trading from a real account.

The minimum withdrawal amount is Rs 100 and the maximum is Rs 300.

The Go Trade application is available on the Play Store. According to the app store, It has 1M plus downloads.

There is no information available on the founder or operator of the Go Trade App. According to the app store, the Go Trade App was developed by Monica John Seth.

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Application Profile

NameGo Trade
DeveloperMonica John Seth
Available on the Play StoreYes
Contact[email protected]

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Go Trade App Review

When reviewing the app, it is important to consider several factors.

Some of these factors include the app design design, functionality, usability, content quality, and overall user experience.

Below are some positive attributes with some negatives. Here are some positive aspects:

  • The design of app is good.
  • Available on Play Store.
  • Present official contact information.

Now, let’s see some negative aspects.

  • Unsatisfactory user experience.
  • Plenty of negative reviews on the internet.
  • There was no response from the contact support
  • No guarantee of withdrawal after the request 
  • Complaints regarding unprocessed withdrawals.
  • Not regulated trading app

While the Go Trade App demonstrates certain positive aspects, it has plenty of negative reviews and complaints regarding unprocessed withdrawals so keep necessitating caution.

The App seems very suspicious because it requires no OTP for registration. Moreover, the app processes things automatically which raises concerns.

The platform’s legitimacy remains questionable, and individuals should approach it with skepticism to avoid potential risks.

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