Review: Real or Fake Site? is an online platform claiming to specialize in selling winter clothes and products, catering to both men and women.

However, caution is advised, as the website is relatively new and lacks popularity.

What is is an online platform where users can buy winter products like snowboard jackets, snowboard pants, ski jackets, hoodies, t-shirts, goggles, and more.

The site offers enticing discounts, including up to 70%-80% off. The sites also offer various accessories like gloves, masks, and beanies.

The website claims you will get free shipping if you order over €49.

As per, was registered on November 20, 2023. According to the website Emil and Linus are the founder of the website.

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Website Profile
NameDosnow Wear
Product/ServicesWinter clothes & accessories
Domain registration date20 November 2023
Address8989 Bd de l’Acadie, Montreal, QC H4N 3K1, Canada
Contact[email protected]

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The website seems to be legitimate but its recent establishment, limited popularity, and safety concerns prompt a closer examination of its legitimacy and reliability for potential customers.

Here are some mixed concerns about, which makes it difficult to decide whether it is fake or real.

Here are some positive aspects:

  • Present official contact information.
  • The website provide information about the founder.
  • Address or legal support was provided for any potential issues or disputes.
  • This website has a valid SSL certificate and provides a secure connection.
  • The design of the website is good.
  • This website maintained a positive reputation and no security engine blacklisted this domain.

Now, let’s see some negative aspects.

  • The website is newly established.
  • is not widely known, with low user traffic and limited recognition.
  • No links to social networks, such as Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook are found.
  • The website has a low safety score, raising concerns about its legitimacy and prompting a non-recommendation from our system.

The presence of questionable ads and mixed user reviews raise concerns about the reliability of the platform.

Users should exercise caution, keeping an eye on user reviews, and prioritizing the safety and authenticity of the information provided online.

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Is Legit?

The website is deemed average, with a mix of positive and negative attributes.

Who established

Emil and Linus are the founders of the website. is located where? 

It primarily operates in Canada.

Should I use services?

You can use it at your own risk.

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