Review: Real or Fake Site? makes available coupons for you so that you can avail the benefits of courses at a minimum price or free of cost. 

In this post, we will review Courselinkfree and let you know whether it is legitimate. 

What is

It is an educational platform that provides coupons for paid Udemy courses. homepage

These coupons are generated by Udemy instructors and shared on with a limited number of enrolments. 

Udemy is an online learning platform that offers a wide variety of courses in various subjects, such as programming, design, business, and personal development.

There is no information available about the owner of the website. As per, the website was last updated in June 2023.

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Website Profile

Known as  Courselinkfree
Product offered  Skill development Courses
Domain registration date 23 February 2023 
Address  –
Contact Email  –

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We discovered numerous dubious flaws on this website based on our investigation. Here are some points below

  • The site that was recently developed
  • There are no official contact details available.
  • Udemy is not related to it
  • Rely on advertising for revenue.
  • Inaccurate website user interface

There are lots of ads popping out constantly while using the site. It can be quite frustrating for users, especially for those who are trying to focus on the content.

This website’s official contact information is missing. The website needs to provide a clear and easily accessible way for users to contact them.

The Udemy platform is not connected to this website. The revenue source for Courslinkfree is advertising.

Don’t waste time or money on this website to obtain coupons, nor should you submit any payment information.

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Who is the founder of 

There is no information available about the founder of

Where is the located? location status is unknown.

Is real or fake? is a fake.

Should I use 

We do not recommend using it.

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