Review: Real or Fake?

In this post, we are going to delve into the deceptive practices of, a Bitcoin promo code platform.

Let’s explore its false promises, hidden ownership, and the broader network of misleading claims it’s entangled in.

What is poses as a crypto investment platform, claiming to offer secure crypto trading services and high returns.

It asserts that it caters to individuals with limited knowledge of crypto markets. boasts about secure storage for digital assets, utilizing cold wallets and multi-party computation (MPC) technology.

It is heavily promoted on TikTok.

It illegitimately uses the names of renowned figures like Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk.

It operates by enticing TikTok users to enter promo codes, displaying fake Bitcoin deposits, and ultimately tricking them into paying non-existent activation fees. The scheme demands a minimum deposit of $250.

It exhibits minimal visitor traffic, with no data available on similar websites.

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Website Profile
Domain registration date28 January 2024
Address50 Raffles Pl, Singapore Land Tower

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Here are some points of consideration for this website:

  • The website conceals information about its owners.
  • uses deceptive tactics on TikTok, promoting fake promo codes.
  • Lack of proper contact details.
  • The demand for a minimum deposit of $250 raises suspiciousness.
  • Sometimes, the website is not accessible, adding to concerns about its legitimacy and intentions. stands exposed as a part of a misleading network, utilizing TikTok to trap users with false promises and fake promo codes.

Users are advised to exercise caution against any deposits and urged to steer clear of schemes that contains such red flags to protect their financial well-being.

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