Board My Trip Review: Real or Fake Company?

In this review, we delve into the intricacies of Board My Trip, an MLM company offering travel packages.

We explore its services, income plans, and credibility in the market.

What is Board My Trip?

Board My Trip is an MLM company registered in 2021, based in Surat, Gujarat, India. It offers travel packages to Thailand and Goa, with a focus on providing travel services.

Board My Trip primarily sells travel packages to Thailand and Goa, priced at ₹12,600 each. Additionally, it offers regular packages for ₹525, activation of which qualifies users for higher-tier packages.

The company is purportedly owned by Patel Parulben Vijaybhai, as per its registration details. However, no substantial information is available about the founder or ownership structure.

Additionally, the minimum payout threshold for withdrawals is set at ₹300, ensuring members can access their earnings conveniently and efficiently.

Board My Trip offers multiple income streams, including Fresh Cycle Bonus, Team Bonus, Referral Matching Bonus, Rewards, Club Bonus, Loyalty Bonus, and Re-purchase Bonus, enticing potential investors with lucrative returns.

According to SimilarWeb, it had approximately 40k visitors as of December 2023.

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Website Profile
NameBoard My Trip
Product/ServicesMLM, Tourism
Domain registration date23 March 2019
Address14 4th Floor, Signet Mall, B/H Indian Oil Petrol Pump, Kamrej Gam Road, Kamrej Chowkdi, Surat, Gujarat – 394185.
Contact[email protected]

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Joining Packages

The joining package for Board My Trip is priced at ₹12,600, granting access to the Eagle Package and its associated benefits. There are two types of packages:

  • Eagle Package: Includes travel packages to Thailand and Goa, priced at ₹12,600 each, with activation PV and specific tour durations. It is also called Pattaya tour.
  • Regular Packages: Priced at ₹525, these packages activate user IDs with 1 PV and offer 500 B.M.Y.T. Points, serving as a gateway to higher-tier packages and income opportunities. It is also called booster package.

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Income Plan

Here is a detailed breakdown of the income plans and opportunities offered by Board My Trip:

Income PlanEarnings Criteria
Fresh Cycle BonusBased on PV matching in both organizations
Team BonusEarn ₹40 for each matching PV pair
Referral Matching BonusRewards for bringing in new members
RewardsLifetime rewards based on team PV milestones
Club BonusAdditional rewards for club level achievements
Loyalty BonusRewards for achieving specific milestones
Re-purchase BonusEarn income based on repurchase volume
  1. Fresh Cycle Bonus:
    • Earn Rs. 200 for matching 1 PV in both ORGs. Despite matching 20 PV in both ORGs, with a 1 PV ID, you’ll only get Rs. 200, but with 20 PV, earn Rs. 4000.
    • For example, if your ID has 1 PV and a matching pair of 1 PV is formed in both organizations, you earn a bonus. The amount increases with higher PV matches.
  2. Team Bonus:
    • Users can earn ₹40 for each matching PV pair in both organizations.
    • The daily cap for this bonus is ₹82,000.
  3. Referral Matching Bonus:
    • Rewards users for bringing in new members and matching their PV.
    • This bonus in Board My Trip varies based on your ID’s PV: from 5% to 25% of your direct downline’s earnings.
  4. Rewards:
    • Lifetime rewards are granted based on team PV milestones.
    • Earning scope in rewars 15000 to 5.25 crore.
  5. Club Bonus:
    • It has five clubs: bronze, silver, gold, platinum, diamond, and millionaire. its earning scope in 2000 to 10 crore.
  6. Royalty Bonus:
    • When 10 individuals below you qualify for the Club Bonus, you also qualify for the Royalty Bonus.
    • You can get 2% Executive Fund for 10 qualifiers, 1.5% Bike Fund for 10 pairs, 1% Car Fund for 100 pairs, and 0.5% House Fund for 1000 pairs.
  7. Re-purchase Bonus:
    • Users receive income proportional to their repurchase volume, encouraging sustained engagement.
    • In this, 500BV = 1RP and 1RP = 25 rupees.

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Board My Trip Review

Several red flags raise concerns about Board My Trip’s legitimacy:

  • Lack of concrete information about the owner or founder.
  • No significant reviews or testimonials were found.
  • High payout limit and withdrawal service charges.
  • Ambiguous business model and reliance on package sales for income.

Here are some green flags about this platform

  • Legally registered company under MCA.
  • Detailed company profile including director’s name, registration number, and address.
  • Clearly stated contact information.
  • It is active since 2019.
  • Approximately 40k monthly website visitors as per SimilarWeb data.

Board My Trip appears to be a relatively new MLM venture with limited transparency and credibility.

While it offers enticing income opportunities, potential investors should exercise caution and conduct thorough research before investing, considering the red flags associated with the company.

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