10 Shocking MLM Facts


The Beginning

California Vitamin Company (now Nutrilite) brought the concept of Network Marketing to sell their wellness products in 1934.


Type of Direct Selling

MLM (Multi-Level Marketing) is a type of Direct Selling, the other one is SLM (Single Level Marketing).


Low Success Rate

MLM is being promoted to become rich faster and easier, but its success rate is just 0.4%.


Health to Wealth

Around 50% of MLM companies include personal care and wellness products in their portfolio, as they are demanding and offer more revenue.


Richest Leader

Igor Alberts & Andreea Cimbala claimed to be the richest MLM Leaders. They have promoted many MLM companies and now work in Success Factory.


Only Recruitment

Legitimate MLM never provide commission on recruitment. Products sales made by self & downline is the source of income.


Women Rocks

In the USA, 75% of MLM promoters are women and they have a better success rate than men too.


 Biggest Market

USA, China, Germany, Korea and Japan are the largest direct selling markets respectively.


MLM is Pyramid Scheme

People often confused with MLM & Pyramid Scheme due to their similar structures. MLM is for providing products to consumers whereas pyramid schemes do money-circulation. 


Industry Giants

Amway, Natura & Co and Herbalife Nutrition are the largest companies as per revenue.

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