Sr. No.Product NamePack SizeMRP
Beauty Products
1Essentials by ARTISTRY™ Light Lotion50 ml₹ 1,239 
2attitude™ Be Bright Herbals Day Cream 50g₹ 575 
3ARTISTRY™ YOUTH XTEND Enriching Lotion50 ml₹ 4,239 
4attitude™ Foot Cream100 ml₹ 370 
5attitude™ Matte Lipstick Caramel Toffee2 g₹ 389 
6ARTISTRY™ YOUTH XTEND Enriching Eye Cream15 ml₹ 2,699 
7attitude™ Matte Lipstick Sangria Celebration Pack 2 g₹ 399 
8attitude™ Nail Enamel Pink Confetti Celebration Pack6 ml₹ 179 
9ARTISTRY™ YOUTH XTEND Ultra Lifting Essence Concentrate30 ml₹ 6,599 
10attitude™ Crème Lipstick Mild Mauve -Celebration Pack2 g₹ 309 
11ARTISTRY™ YOUTH XTEND Ultra Lifting Cream50 ml₹ 6,099 
12attitude™ Be Bright Night Cream50g₹ 549 
13attitude™ Lipstick Travel Pack6 shades₹ 999 
14attitude™ Insta Nourish Herbals Gel Cream45g₹ 560 
15attitude™ Clear Activ Pimple Control Face Wash100 ml₹ 349 
16attitude™ Crème Lipstick Blush Nude2 g₹ 299 
17attitude™ Compact Powder Light9 g₹ 699 
18ARTISTRY SIGNATURE SELECT™Brightening Amplifier2 ml₹ 2,599 
19ARTISTRY™ Ideal Radiance Spot Corrector15g₹ 3,149 
20ARTISTRY™ Intensive Skincare AdvancedVitamin C + HA Formula12 ml₹ 5,829 
21attitude™ Nail Enamel Red Carnival - Celebration Pack6 ml₹ 179 
22attitude™ Eye Shadow1.2g each(6 shades)₹ 699 
23attitude™ Crème Lipstick Divine Mocha2 g₹ 299 
24ARTISTRY SIGNATURE SELECT™ Hydration Amplifier2 ml₹ 2,599 
25Essentials by ARTISTRY™ Gel Cleanser125 ml₹ 1,295 
26attitude™ Matte Lipstick Brick Coral2 g₹ 389 
27attitude™ Eyeliner3 ml₹ 599 
28attitude™ Insta Nourish Herbals Rich Cream45g₹ 560 
29attitude™ Crème Lipstick Lavender Hues2 g₹ 299 
30attitude™ Matte Lipstick Brown Cookie2 g₹ 389 
31ARTISTRY™ YOUTH XTEND Serum Concentrate30 ml₹ 4,789 
32attitude™ Matte Lipstick Rosy Nude Celebration Pack2 g₹ 399 
33attitude™ Blusher Duo attitude™ Blusher DuoBarely Pink 1N(2g) Peach Whisper 1N(2g) Mirror 1N Applicator 1N₹ 599 
34attitude™ Be Bright Herbals Face Wash100 ml₹ 365 
35attitude™ Nail Enamel Delicate Pink6 ml₹ 169 
36attitude™ Matte Lipstick Bubblegum Pink2 g₹ 389 
37attitude™ Be Bright Herbals Face Wash 25% Extra125 ml (100ml + 25ml Extra)₹ 365 
38attitude™ Sunscreen Cream100g₹ 449 
39attitude™ Sharpener1N₹ 99 
40attitude™ Be Bright Day Cream50g₹ 549 
41attitude™ Be Bright Herbals 2-in-1 Scru and Mask100 g₹ 749 
42ARTISTRY™ Exact Fit Long Wearing Foundation (Soleil) 30 ml₹ 3,099 
43attitude™ Nail Enamel Dazzling Gold6 ml₹ 169 
44attitude™ Incredibly Aloe Body Butter200g₹ 799 
45attitude™ Crème Lipstick Hot Pink2 g₹ 299 
46ARTISTRY™ Exact Fit Long Wearing Foundation (Buff) 30 ml₹ 3,099 
47attitude™ Crème Lipstick Cherry Red Celebration Pack2 g₹ 309 
48attitude™ Clear Activ Pimple Control Spot Corrector9g₹ 399 
49ARTISTRY™ Exact Fit Perfecting Loose Powder (Medium) 25 g₹ 3,999 
50ARTISTRY™ Eye & Lip Makeup Remover120 ml₹ 1,499 
51attitude™ Crème Lipstick Caramel Nude - Celebration Pack2 g₹ 309 
52ARTISTRY™ YOUTH XTEND Protecting Lotion50 ml₹ 4,239 
53Essentials by ARTISTRY™ Polishing Scrub125 ml₹ 1,499 
54ARTISTRY SIGNATURE SELECT™ Spot Corrector2 ml₹ 3,399 
55ARTISTRY™ YOUTH XTEND Ultra-Lifting Eye Serum Concentrate15 ml₹ 4,200 
56attitude™ Be Bright Herbals Night Cream50g₹ 575 
57attitude™ Be Bright Face Wash100 ml₹ 349 
58ARTISTRY™ Intensive Skin Care Renewing Peel 20 ml₹ 4,149 
59attitude™ Crème Lipstick Silky Red2 g₹ 299 
60ARTISTRY™ YOUTH XTEND Protecting Cream50g₹ 4,239 
61ARTISTRY™ YOUTH XTEND Enriching Cream50g₹ 4,239 
62attitude™ Matte Lipstick Preppy Red – Celebration Pack2 g₹ 399 
63Essentials by ARTISTRY™ Multi-protect Lotion50 ml₹ 1,449 
64attitude™ Insta Nourish Herbals Gel Face Wash100 ml₹ 365 
65attitude™ Compact Powder Medium9 g₹ 699 
66attitude™ Matte Lipstick Royal Red2 g₹ 389 
67attitude™ Kajal Eyeliner Pencil1.2 g₹ 415 
68attitude™ Nail Enamel Light Mahogany6 ml₹ 169 
69attitude™ Nail Enamel Cool Mint6 ml₹ 169 
70attitude™ Nail Enamel Rosewood Pink6 ml₹ 169 
71attitude™ Nail Enamel Scarlet Red6 ml₹ 169 
72ARTISTRY™ Ideal Radiance Illuminating Essence30 ml₹ 4,949 
73attitude™ Insta Nourish Herbals Creamy Face Wash100 ml₹ 365 
74attitude™ Nail Enamel Champagne Pop - Celebration Pack6 ml₹ 179 
75ARTISTRY™ Essentials Moisture Intense Masque100 ml₹ 1,499 
76ARTISTRY SIGNATURE SELECT™ Anti-Wrinkle Amplifier2 ml₹ 2,599 
77Essentials by ARTISTRY™ Creamy Massage100g₹ 1,649 
78Essentials by ARTISTRY™ Moisture Cream50 ml₹ 1,799 
79ARTISTRY SIGNATURE SELECT™ Base Serum24 ml₹ 2,999 
80ARTISTRY™ Exact Fit Perfecting Loose Powder (Light) (Fair) 25 g₹ 3,999 
81attitude™ De-Tan Herbals Facial KitFace Wash- 75 ml,Face Scrub- 75 ml,Massage Cream- 100 g,Face Masque- 100 g₹ 1,699 
82ARTISTRY SIGNATURE SELECT™ Firming Amplifier2 ml₹ 3,599 
Home and Living Products
1Spaces Antibacterial 100% Cotton Double Bedsheet Navy1 N₹ 3,495 
2Amway Queen 3 piece Set3N₹ 16,800 
3SA8™ Liquid Concentrated Laundry 81Detergent (200 ml) 200 ml₹ 210 
4Amway™ Home L.O.C. Concentrated Multi-purpose Cleaner 1 L₹ 494 
5Atmosphere Drive Power Cord1 N₹ 806 
6Amway Queen 7 ply WOK and LID1 each₹ 23,500 
7Amway™ Silicone Glaze Auto Polish 500 ml₹ 555 
8Spaces Antibacterial 100% Cotton Double Bedsheet White & Blue1 N₹ 3,495 
9Amway Queen Large Sauté Pan1N₹ 9,200 
10Amway™ Home SA8™ Delicate Concentrated Liquid Laundry Detergent500 ml₹ 460 
11Amway™ Home Dish Drops Concentrated Dishwashing Liquid500 ml₹ 381 
12Pistol Grip Sprayer1N₹ 30 
13Atmosphere Mini™ Air Purifier1 N₹ 60,000 
14Amway™ Dispensers (Home Care Dispenser)1 L₹ 46 
15Wildcraft Set of 5 Masks by Amway5N₹ 1,200 
16Amway™ Home Dish Drops Concentrated Dishwashing Liquid 200 ml₹ 160 
17Amway™ Home Dish Drops Concentrated Dishwashing Liquid1 L₹ 696 
18SA8™ Liquid Concentrated Laundry Detergent1 L₹ 885 
19Amway™ Pursue Disinfectant Cleaner500 ml₹ 299 
20iGear UV Disinfection Bag1 N₹ 2,999 
21Atmosphere Drive™ Car Air Purifier1N₹ 30,000 
22Amway™ Dispensers (Pour & Measure Cap)15 ml₹ 45 
23Turret Top1N₹ 10 
24Atmosphere Drive™ Replacement Filter1N₹ 6,000 
25Amway™ Car Wash Concentrated Liquid500 ml₹ 285 
26Atmosphere Mini Power Adapter1 N₹ 3,500 
27Dispenser Squeeze Bottle500 ml₹ 19 
28Amway Safety Kit5 N₹ 2,263 
29Amway™ Home L.O.C. Concentrated Multi-purpose Cleaner500 ml₹ 300 
30Amway™ Home L.O.C. Concentrated Multi-purpose Cleaner200 ml₹ 125 
31Amway Home Fruit and Veggie Wash500 ml₹ 249 
32Amway™ Dispensers (Home Care Dispenser)500 ml₹ 46 
33Atmosphere Mini™ Air Purifier + 1 replacement filter1 N₹ 60,000 
34Atmosphere Drive Base Unit1 N₹ 15,470 
35Spaces Antibacterial 100% Cotton Double Bedsheet Ice Blue1 N₹ 3,495 
36Amway™ Home Dish Drops Concentrated Dishwashing Liquid1 L₹ 645 
37Atmosphere Mini™ Replacement Filter1N₹ 7,999 
38Amway™ Queen Cookware Set5 piece₹ 30,000 
39Amway home SA8™ Liquid Concentrated Laundry Detergent1 Ltr₹ 956
40Amway™ Home SA8™ Liquid Concentrated Laundry Detergent500 ml₹ 520 
41Pursue Disinfectant 5L-₹ 2,079 
42Zoom Concentrate 500ML500 ml₹ 280 
Special Products
1attitude™ Nail Enamel Raspberry Sorbet6 ml₹ 169 
2Nutrilite All Plant Protein 1kg with 30N sachets pack1kg + 30N Sachets₹ 5,727 
3attitude™ Moisturiser (Dry Skin)45 g₹ 599 
4Amway™ Home Dish Drops Concentrated Dishwashing Liquid200 ml₹ 160 
5attitude™ Face Wash (Dry Skin)100 ml₹ 325 
6attitude™ Matte Lipstick Caramel Brown2 g₹ 389 
7attitude™ Nail Enamel Red Beauty6 ml₹ 169 
8attitude™ Matte Lipstick Mauve Magic2 g₹ 389 
9attitude™ Lipstick Travel Pack – 2019 Color Collection6 shades (1.1g each)₹ 999 
10Persona 100% Pure Coconut Oil500 ml₹ 199 
11Amway™ Home Dish Drops Concentrated Dishwashing Liquid500 ml₹ 381 
12Spaces Antibacterial 100% Cotton Double Bedsheet Teal1 N₹ 3,495 
13attitude™ Face Wash for Oily Skin 100 ml₹ 325 
14NUTRILITE® Madhunashini, Shunti & Twak60N (Tablets)₹ 899 
15Spaces Antibacterial 100% Cotton Double Bedsheet Pink1 N₹ 3,495 
16Spaces Antibacterial Double Bed Reversible Quilt Navy1 N₹ 5,995 
17attitude™ Crème Lipstick Chocolate Cherry2 g₹ 299 
18attitude™ Crème Lipstick Candy Floss2 g₹ 299 
19attitude™ Moisturiser (Oily Skin)45g₹ 599 
20Amway™ Home Dish Drops Concentrated Dishwashing Liquid1 L₹ 645 
21attitude™ Crème Lipstick Naughty Nude2 g₹ 299 
22attitude™ Crème Lipstick Red Velvet2 g₹ 299 
23attitude™ Matte Lipstick Pink Burst2 g₹ 389 
24attitude™ Matte Lipstick Cheeky Coral2 g₹ 389 
25attitude™ Matte Lipstick Ravishing Red2 g₹ 389 
26attitude™ Nail Enamel Frosted Toffee6 ml₹ 169 
27Amway Queen Lid1N₹ 2,800 
28attitude™ Nail Enamel Aqua Horizon6 ml₹ 169 
29attitude™ Crème Lipstick Coral Pink2 g₹ 299 
30Festive Deo Pack of 5 (75ml)5 N (75 ml X 5)₹ 750 
31attitude™ Nail Enamel Coral Love6 ml₹ 169 
32NUTRILITE® Daily 25% Extra Value Pack150N (Tablets)₹ 2,786 
33Spaces Antibacterial Double Bed Reversible Quilt Maroon 1 N₹ 5,995 
34attitude™ Incredibly Aloe – Aloe Vera Duo Pack2-in-1 Face & Body Scrub: 150g,Body Butter: 200g₹ 1,499 
35Amway Queen Steamer Inset1N₹ 4,000 
36Ollivaando Olive Pomace 1 Ltr₹ 799 
37Amway™ Apsa-805 L₹ 5,441 
38Amway™ Apsa-80500 ml₹ 726 
39Amway™ Apsa-80 1 L₹ 1,183 
40Amway™ Apsa-801 L₹ 1,276 
41Amway™ Apsa-80 5 L₹ 5,045 
Nutrition Products
1XS Whey Protein Choco 1kg1 kg₹ 4,500 
2NUTRILITE® Ashwagandha60N (Tablets)₹ 649 
3NUTRILITE® Vasaka, Mulethi & Surasa60 N (Tablets)₹ 940 
4NUTRILITE® Vasaka, Mulethi & Surasa60 N (Tablets)₹ 899 
5NUTRILITE® Garlic60N (Tablets)₹ 845 
6NUTRILITE® Cherry Iron 90N (Tablets)₹ 947 
7NUTRILITE® Fiber200g₹ 989 
8Chyawanprash by NUTRILITE®500 g₹ 549 
9NUTRILITE® All Plant Protein Powder1 kg₹ 4,019 
10NUTRILITE® Brahmi60N (Tablets)₹ 649 
11NUTRILITE® Tulsi60N (Tablets)₹ 649 
12NUTRILITE® Concentrated Fruits and Vegetables60N (Tablets)₹ 1,819 
13NUTRILITE® Cal Mag D Plus113 N(Tablets)₹ 999 
14NUTRILITE® Amalaki, Vibhitaki Haritaki60N (Tablets)₹ 679 
15NUTRILITE® Kids Chewable Iron100N (Tablets)₹ 729 
16XS Energy Drink Orange250 ml * 4 Cans₹ 440 
17NUTRILITE® Ashwagandha60N (Tablets)₹ 679 
18Bodykey Nutritious Delicious Shake Mix – Chocolate FlavourPack of 14 sachets₹ 1,849 
19NUTRILITE® Kids Chewable Natural C100N (Tablets)₹ 1,679 
20NUTRILITE® Salmon Omega-3 Softgels60N (Softgels)₹ 1,449 
21NUTRILITE® Vitamin C Cherry Plus60 N (tablets)₹ 1,200 
22NUTRILITE® Echinacea-citrus Concentrate Plus60N (Tablets)₹ 1,838 
23NUTRILITE® Protein with Green Tea500g₹ 2,275 
24NUTRILITE® Cal Mag D Plus90 N(Tablets)₹ 799 
25NUTRILITE® Madhunashini, Shunti & Twak60N (Tablets)₹ 940 
26NUTRILITE® Glucosamine HCL with Boswellia120N (Tablets)₹ 3,089 
27Bodykey Nutritious Delicious Shake Mix – Vanilla FlavourPack of 14 sachets₹ 1,849 
28NUTRILITE® Kids Chewable Concentrated Fruits and Vegetables60N (Tablets)₹ 1,669 
29n by Nutrilite SEIZE THE DAY (Multivitaminmineral gummy)60N Gummies₹ 799 
30NUTRILITE® Natural B with Yeast100N (Tablets)₹ 956 
31NUTRILITE® Bilberry with Lutein60N (Tablets)₹ 2,159 
32NUTRILITE® All Plant Protein Powder500 g₹ 2,496 
33XS Energy Drink Apple Strawberry250 ml * 4 Cans₹ 440 
34Nutrilite Vitamin D Plus (D3+K2+Quercetin & Licorice)60N Tablets₹ 1,600 
35NUTRILITE® Amalaki, Vibhitaki & Haritaki60N (Tablets)₹ 649 
36NUTRILITE® Ch Balance60N (Softgels)₹ 2,989 
37NUTRILITE® Milk Thistle Plus 60N (Tablets)₹ 1,709 
38NUTRILITE® Coenzyme Q10 Citrus Concentrate45N (Capsules)₹ 1,069 
39NUTRILITE® Ginseng Cherry Plus100N (Tablets)₹ 3,246 
40NUTRILITE® All Plant Protein Powder 500 g₹ 2,387 
41NUTRILITE® Echinacea-citrus Concentrate Plus60N (Tablets)₹ 1,704 
42NUTRILITE® Daily120N (Tablets)₹ 2,229 
43NUTRILITE® 30 Serve PDO Pack30 Serve PDO Pack₹ 3,000 
44NUTRILITE® Daily60N (Tablets)₹ 1,309 
45NUTRILITE® All Plant Protein Powder1 kg₹ 4,199 
46NUTRILITE® Kids Drink Chocolate Flavour500g₹ 1,080 
47NUTRILITE® Tulsi60N (Tablets)₹ 679 
48NUTRILITE® Cherry Iron90N (Tablets)₹ 1,023 
49NUTRILITE® Kids Chewables60N (Tablets)₹ 1,299 
50NUTRILITE® Daily120N (Tablets)₹ 2,403 
51NUTRILITE® Multi Carotene90N (Softgels)₹ 1,389 
52NUTRILITE® Cal Mag D Plus90 N(Tablets)₹ 836 
53NUTRILITE® Biotin - Cherry Plus60N (Tablets)₹ 627 
54NUTRILITE® DHA Yummies Omega-3 Soft Drops30N₹ 1,499 
55NUTRILITE® Kids Calcium Magnesium Cocoa100N (Tablets)₹ 895 
56XS Energy Drink Mojito250 ml * 4 Cans₹ 440 
57NUTRILITE® Ginseng Cherry Plus100N (Tablets)₹ 3,009 
58NUTRILITE® All Plant Protein Powder200 g₹ 1,139 
59NUTRILITE® Natural B with Yeast100N (Tablets)₹ 885 
Personal Care Products
1Glister™ Kids Toothpaste100g₹ 199 
2DYNAMITE™ Deodorant Falcon150 ml₹ 285 
3Persona Cream Moisturizing Soap Pack of 3₹ 153 
4Persona Cream Moisturizing SoapPack of 3₹ 166 
5Persona Germ Protection & Moisturizing Hand Wash250 ml₹ 265 
6SATINIQUE™ 2-in-1 Shampoo & Conditioner Sachets30 Sachets₹ 7 
7Dynamite Face Wash 100 ml₹ 285 
8Persona Amla Hair Oil200 ml₹ 106 
9Persona 100% Pure Coconut Oil500 ml₹ 199 
10G&H Nourish+ Body Lotion G&H60 ml₹ 140 
11Persona Classic Family ToothbrushPack of 2₹ 52 
12SATINIQUE™ Anti Dandruff Shampoo250 ml₹ 460 
13DYNAMITE™ Deodorant Viking150 ml₹ 285 
14G&H Nourish+ Body Lotion60 ml₹ 140 
15Dynamite Hair Cream100 g₹ 250 
16G&H Nourish+ Body Lotion250 ml₹ 440 
17Glister™ Multi-Action Toothpaste Herbals190g₹ 295 
18Persona Amla Hair Oil200 ml₹ 80 
19SATINIQUE™ Scalp Tonic80 ml₹ 1,590 
20SATINIQUE™ Anti Dandruff Shampoo Sachets30 Sachets₹ 7 
21Satinique™ Glossy Repair Conditioner 250ML250 ml₹ 460 
22SATINIQUE™ Revitalizing Hair Mask150g₹ 450 
23SATINIQUE™ Hairfall Control Shampoo250 ml₹ 460 
24G&H Refresh+ Body Wash - Gel250 ml₹ 440 
25SATINIQUE™ Glossy Repair Conditioner250 ml₹ 460 
26Persona Talc 350 g₹ 215 
27Deo Style On The Go (Pack of 5)75 ml * 5₹ 750 
28G&H Refresh+ Body Wash - Gel60 ml₹ 140 
29Junior Toothbrush4₹ 120 
30Dynamite Shaving System (1 Handle + 5N Blades)Handles - 1 N, Blades - 5 N₹ 1,200 
31G&H Refresh+ Body Wash - Gel60 ml₹ 140 
32attitude™ Deodorant Divine150 ml₹ 285 
33Satinique™ 2in1 Shampoo & Conditioner 250 ML250 ml₹ 460 
34Persona Talc200 g₹ 145 
35Glister Advanced Toothbrush (Pack of 4)4₹ 300 
36Persona Hand Sanitizer 500 ml500 ml₹ 250 
37SATINIQUE™ Revitalizing Hair Mask150g₹ 450 
38SATINIQUE™ Hairfall Control Shampoo Sachets30 Sachets₹ 7 
39G&H Refresh+ Body Wash - Gel250 ml₹ 440 
40Dynamite Deodorant Phoenix150 ml₹ 285 
41attitude™ Deodorant Glory150 ml₹ 285 
42Dynamite Foaming Face Wash150 ml₹ 289 
43SATINIQUE™ 2-in-1 Shampoo & Conditioner250 ml₹ 460 
44G&H Nourish+ Body Lotion G&H250 ml₹ 440 
45Glister™ Oral Care Essentials Kit-₹ 352 
46Dynamite Refill Cartridges (Pack of 4)Blades - 4 N₹ 900 
47Persona Beauty Cream Bathing Bar75 G X 3 = 225 G₹ 171 
48Dynamite Shaving Foam200 ml₹ 285 
49SATINIQUE™ Hairfall Control Shampoo250 ml₹ 497 
50Dynamite 3 in 1 Shower Gel250 ml₹ 285 
51SATINIQUE™ Glossy Repair Shampoo250 ml₹ 460 
52attitude™ Deodorant Bliss150 ml₹ 285 
53Glister™ Multi Action Toothpaste190 g₹ 270 
54Satinique™ Glossy Repair Shampoo 250ML250 ml₹ 460 
55Satinique™ Anti Dandruff Shampoo 250 ML250 ml₹ 460 
56Persona Glycerin Aloe Vera Bathing Bar (Pack of 3)Pack of 3₹ 120 
57Satinique™ Hairfall Control Shampoo 250ML250 ml₹ 460 
58Persona 100% Pure Coconut Oil500 ml₹ 229